Son of ‘Mask Fighting Spirit’ Heung-min, “Defying the possibility of 1%”

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The time for a duel has arrived.

Argentina and Germany, who are considered strong favorites for the World Cup in Qatar, suffered shock defeats in their first match.

The protagonists of this event are Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the Asian team becoming the graves of strong teams.

And, now it’s our turn.

The first game against a strong Uruguay, players and fans are full of anticipation as never before.

We will connect you locally in Qatar.

Reporter Min Byeong-ho, we now have just over two hours left before the start of the game.

Is that the arena where the fight will take place today?

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Yes, I’m at the Education City Stadium where the match will take place soon.

Our players play in the red home shirt that I am wearing at the moment.

Not only today, but all three group stage games will be played in this red outfit.

When Saudi Arabia beat Argentina the day before yesterday, our players said they gained confidence…

Yesterday, Japan defeated Germany, and I’m worried that it might feel a burden.

Therefore, the role of the captain Son Heung-min, who can bring the players together, seems important.

Son Heung-min often talks about the 1% chance.

And since 4 years ago, that possibility has always been associated with a miracle.

Reporter Kyu-mook Kyu delivers the first news.

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Unexpected major injury 19 days before the opening of the World Cup…

Taking part in the World Cup seemed difficult after orbital fracture surgery, but Son Heung-min vowed to ‘hide his fighting spirit’ by talking about a ‘1% possibility’ on social media.

Even after joining the national team, there were doubts whether he would be able to play in real life, but Son Heung-min never gave up.

[손흥민/축구대표팀(지난 16일)]

“If there is such a possibility at a percentage just below 1%, I think I will definitely run after it.”

In the end, he was able to play against Uruguay while displaying superhuman strength even while wearing an uncomfortable face shield.


“Why not hit him like this? (It’s okay)…”


“They say it hurts because they are faking illness, but he is a player with such a strong mentality that if he went to a game he would forget about that and play…”


At the time of the World Cup in Russia four years ago, Son Heung-min mentioned a hope of 1% even in a desperate situation before the strongest game of Germany after losing 2 first.

[손흥민 (지난 러시아월드컵 당시)]

“We think that a 1% possibility and a 1% hope is not small. It would be great if we could play a game that can give hope (to the people).”

And proud, he stood in the middle of the ‘Miracle of Kazan’.

There is no loss in the games Son Heung-min scored in 53 A games played after the launch of Bento.

That is why his presence in the team is absolute.

The opponent’s rough foul play and intense checks are expected, but Son Heung-min has no intention of giving up.


“Because what I do to take that risk… I think I should take that level of risk if I can give the fans even a little bit of hope.”

This is Son Heung-min’s third World Cup, and if he scores one more goal, he will record the most goals by a Korean player.

Son Heung-min waits for the moment of ‘kick-off’ more eagerly than anyone else.

This is MBC News Gyu-mook Kyu from Doha.

Video comment: Kim Shin-young, Heo Won-cheol

Video editing: Minho Kim

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