SON teacher “I’m not going to Nice, bigger team” – NO.1 Sports media, Portal Korea

[스포탈코리아] Reporter Lee Hyun-min = Mauricio Pochettino’s 50-year-old French Ligue 1 return has been cancelled.

According to France’s Putmercato, on the 22nd, Pochettino wants to lead a bigger team. It is unlikely that he will take the Nice OGC baton. He said it was close to zero and it was just a rumour.

Pochettino led Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to the top of the league last season, but was sacked by being eliminated from the Champions League.

Pochettino told Argentine media: “PSG are a strong team in the league, so we need to win every competition. But everything is focused on winning the Champions League. This distracted the team. If we didn’t win, it was treated as a failure.”

Recently, several media have reported that Nice, who are in the same league as PSG, are considering signing him, who is currently free. A specific meeting place was prepared for both sides, and there was talk that Nice would pay a salary equivalent to PSG. However, it was closed when it was known that Pochettino was not attracted to him.

Pochettino led Tottenham Hotspur to second place in the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season and to second place in the Champions League in the 2018/2019 season. After a short break, he moved to PSG in January 2021. Recognized for his leadership on the European stage to some extent, he continued to be linked with Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United during his break during his time at PSG. Because I’ve eaten meat, I want to go to a big club rather than a small club.

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