Son Yeon-jae Shares Stunning Selfie on Instagram, Reveals Current Status

Son Yeon-jae Updates Fans on Her Current Status

Ko Seong-cheol, Reporter | September 18, 2023

Former member of the national rhythmic gymnastics team, Son Yeon-jae, recently took to her Instagram to provide an update on her life.

Intriguing Mirror Selfie

In a photo shared on her Instagram story on the 16th, Son Yeon-jae can be seen capturing a mirror selfie. With her doll-like beauty shining through, she exudes charm during her rhythmic gymnastics studio class. Sporting a sleek black sleeveless top, Son Yeon-jae subtly flaunts her D-line, instantly capturing the attention of her fans and followers.

Aside from her sporting achievements, Son Yeon-jae also grabbed headlines last August when she tied the knot with a successful financial businessman, who happens to be nine years her senior.

2023-09-18 Reporter Ko Seong-cheol

Son Yeon-jae’s Instagram

Former national rhythmic gymnastics team member Son Yeon-jae revealed her current status.

On the 16th, Son Yeon-jae posted a photo on her Instagram story.

According to News 1, in the photo, Son Yeon-jae takes a mirror selfie while showing off her doll-like beauty during her rhythmic gymnastics studio class. She wears a black sleeveless top and reveals her D-line a bit, attracting attention. Before that, Son Yeon-jae married a financial man 9 years her senior in August last year.

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