Song Dae-gwan “Chinese pay off 28 billion won debt over 10 years… Tae Jin-ah, pay tens of thousands of won in hospital bills” (General)

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Dae-gwan Song announced that he received great help during difficult times from Jin-ah Tae, who has been active as a colleague and rival in the music industry for over 30 years.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, on MBN’s ‘Field Report Scoop World’, which aired on the afternoon of the 2nd, Song Dae-gwan revealed the current situation of his efforts to recover after he was embroiled in litigation with debts of tens of billions of won due to a real estate fraud case in 2013.

On this day, the production crew visited the house where Song Dae-gwan and his wife lived. One wall of Song Dae-gwan’s house was full of trophies. Song Dae-gwan introduced, “Other people have saved up a lot of money, but I have no relationship with money, so this is my property and the result.”

Song Dae-gwan said that he had lived on a monthly rent to settle his debts not too long ago, and said, “I still can’t pay it all, so I’m still paying it off while reviving over 10 years.”

The great ordeal began in the land of Daecheon. Song Dae-gwan said, “It’s a large piece of land in Daecheon, but when she saw the 70,000 pyeong, flat land, she loved it. She said that she would build the land, so she said, ‘Okay, try it.’ It’s good, but I needed a lot of money, so I took out a loan. The land contract was settled and I had to return the money, but it didn’t happen quickly, so it wasn’t a joke that the interest was accumulating. Later, the debt went up to 28 billion.”

Afterwards, Dae-gwan Song, who was embroiled in a lawsuit, was suspended from appearing on the show and was acquitted on the charges of fraud, but was unable to work because of the ‘tag’. He announced, “At that time, I was upset and had no desire to sing for about a year, and I took a year off from singing in the music industry myself.”

Song Dae-gwan also revealed the fact that he was hurt by ‘fake news’. He said, “As I struggled to recover, ‘I’m not that kind of person, I did nothing wrong’, while I was trying to explain and understand, ‘Song Dae-gwan suicide’ came up on YouTube. After receiving the award, later on, I became completely engrossed in that part.”

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Song Dae-gwan, who endured difficult times, showed his unchanging affection for his wife. He said, “Some people say, “Why do you buy a wife who is so badly wrong, you don’t know what it is?” He said, “There is no one who married and devoted himself to me like my family. It would have been,” he said.

He added, “I am a person with a weak heart but only emotions to sing, but these days, my wife is pitiful and I am living a more courageous life. In fact, Song Dae-gwan’s wife was responsible for the family’s livelihood during the 8-year long Song Dae-gwan’s obscurity.

In the broadcast, Song Dae-gwan had a time to meet the people he was grateful for and close friends and convey his feelings. In 2007, he visited the nursing home of a younger singer Bang Sil-i, who suffered a stroke, and gave him a gift of consolation, and invited actor Kim Seong-hwan, who protected him during difficult times, to grill meat together. He also visited Tae Jin-ah’s cafe and told about the help he received from Tae Jin-ah.

In particular, Tae Jin-ah was also the producer of Song Dae-gwan’s new song ‘Thanks’, which was released in 2021, and Song Dae-kwan said, “He has a very good musical sense and is global.

The two, who are official rivals in the entertainment industry, have maintained a close personal relationship. Tae Jin-ah said, “In a way, we spent more time together for 32 years than we spent together with Ok-kyung than with my brother-in-law. Song Dae-gwan also made everyone laugh by saying, “There are cases where we meet forcibly even if we don’t want to meet.

Then, Song Dae-gwan asked Tae Jin-ah about her health, saying, “I drank too much for a while. In the past, I drank a bottle or two of wine and slept, so my stomach couldn’t stand it. But Jin-ah Tae paid tens of thousands of won for hospital bills,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude, “When I see something like that, I feel that there was hot love on the inside even though I was fighting on the outside, and once again I shed tears of emotion.

Tae Jin-ah said, “My brother didn’t thank me, I’m rather grateful, bro’s song ‘Thanks’, and I am doing well thanks to you.” He responded with a laugh.

Tae Jin-ah revealed a strong bond, saying, “Since he’s a singer, I don’t respect him in a relationship like senior-junior relationship or anything like that, but he’s like a real older brother. Whenever an older brother has something like that, I have to do it.

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