Song Ga-in releases a tribute to the late Kim Hak-sun, a comfort woman grandmother

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Yang Jin-young = Singer Ga-in Song releases a tribute to the comfort women victims, ‘Time Stands’.

On the 30th, Song Ga-in’s agency Pocket Doll Studio announced, “Singer Song Ga-in will participate in the Full Flute project and release the tribute song ‘Time Stays’ to commemorate the comfort women victims.”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Yang Jin-young = [사진=포켓돌스튜디오] 2021.12.30 [email protected]

“This new song is to remember the comfort women victims and pay tribute to those who worked hard for a better world,” he explained. The Pool Flute Project is a project to remember the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the statue, 30 years after the late grandmother Kim Hak-sun first revealed the fact that she had been victimized by the Japanese military for the first time.

All of Song Ga-in’s participation in this project was done through talent donation. The tribute song ‘Time lingers’ provided the lyric motif of writer Kim Woon-seong, and it is known that prestigious figures such as the deputy director of the KBS Traditional Music Troupe, Dae-geum, participated in the session.

Previously, Song Ga-in announced that she plans to deliver hope and comfort to listeners with ‘Manghyangga’, a song that expresses the pain and sorrow of separated families and displaced people who cannot return to their hometowns in January.

The full flute project ‘Time lingers’, which Song Ga-in participated in, will be released on various music sites at noon on January 4th.

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