Song Hae-na, “I broke up with my ex-boyfriend who was thinking of getting married due to financial problems” Tears (‘Love Guru 2’)[TV핫샷] – SPOTVNEWS

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[스포티비뉴스=심언경 기자] ‘Love Master 2’ Song Hae-na shed tears as she remembered her ex-boyfriend.

Model Song Hae-na appeared as a guest on SBS Plus and Channel S’s ‘Love Master Season 2’ broadcast on the 27th.

On this day, Song Hae-na admitted the words of the master sage, saying, “The feelings of a past love linger for a long time.” Then, he confessed, “There was a person I really liked, and when we broke up, my heart broke.”

Song Hae-na revealed the background of her breakup with her ex. Song Hae-na explained, “I wonder if I may have lost the person I really like for economic reasons,” but explained that the breakup was not solely due to financial problems. Song Hae-na added, “I’m old and I had to think about getting married, and I think that was a big thing.”

Song Hae-na said that it had been less than a year since she broke up with her ex. Song Hae-na said, “We met for about 3 years. We liked it enough to even think about getting married. However, it took some financial problems. It was difficult from the moment I questioned whether it would be possible to get married. They said it was the same,” he recalled.

Sajudosa told Song Hae-na, “If you want to have a new relationship, you have to act and judge differently from the patterns you’ve been doing before.” “I need to find a man who can calmly put me to sleep. “he advised.


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