Song Hae-na stayed in Naraeba for a week, gained 8 kg and almost retired as a model (‘Ok Moon-ah’)

[마이데일리 = 명희숙 기자] Model Song Hae-na revealed an episode with Park Na-rae.

Song Hae-na, who lives a ‘football player’s life’ rather than a model who appeared in KBS 2TV’s entertainment program ‘The Troubled Son in the Rooftop’, which will be broadcast at 8:30pm on Wednesday, gave November 30, all the best. even men and improve his soccer skills. Gives you an unexpected secret.

On this day, Hae-na Song drew attention by revealing that she is more into ‘football’ than dating recently. “Lee Hyun-yi, the captain of the football team, told me not to think about meeting a man during the season,” she said, revealing that Lee Hyun-yi had issued a ‘dating ban’, he did to me laugh Then, she revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend because of football in the past. “I broke up because I couldn’t see my girlfriend often because of football practice, but after the breakup, I solved my angry feelings through football, so my skills improved dramatically. ” He brought laughter by revealing a funny (?) anecdote about his football skills.

She continued, saying that she is more used to the life of a football player than a model. “Right now, the toenails are pulled out. Model work is not coming in,” he said, and also revealed an anecdote about how Lee Hyun-yi, the captain of the football team, managed members his team thoroughly like real athletes. He said, “When Lee Hyun-i became the captain, her eyes started rolling around”, “If the flow of the game doesn’t work out, her eyes roll and she shouted, ‘Are you all going to do this? !'”.’ Lee Hyun-yi’s terrified look conveyed. He continued, “(Captain Lee Hyun-yi’s sister) tells me to carry football even on days when I have other schedules. Even in the car, he rolls a football with his feet while walking around,” said the reason for living the life of a semi-football player (?), causing laughter.

Song Hae-na then went to Narae Park’s ‘Narae Bar’ in the past and said that there was a crisis that she almost retired as a model, sparking curiosity. I could only go out when there was a schedule,” and “I gained 8kg after eating food that Narae unnie made 24 hours a day for a week,” surprising everyone. She then revealed the dark history she wanted to erase, saying, “I was at my heaviest weight at the time, but I didn’t know I was fat, so I filmed a scene wearing sportswear and I really want to do that. delete it.”

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