Song-Hwa Jo’s side “Insufficient time to prepare for calling”… KOVO reward and punishment postponed to 10 days

Attorney’s request for delay of “the deadline for submitting materials”
Acceptance of reward and punishment considering ‘guaranteeing players’ right to defense’

If there is no disciplinary action or the level is weak,
Possibility of claiming damages from the club and legal dispute

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▲ Cho Songhwa

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) reward and punishment committee for Jo Song-hwa, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, was postponed at Song-hwa’s request.

KOVO announced on the 1st that “Songhwa Jo’s reward and punishment schedule, which was scheduled for 9 am on the 2nd, has been postponed to the 10th in response to the request of the player’s lawyer.”

On the 27th of last month, IBK requested a reward and punishment committee for Cho Songhwa, which did not agree to the voluntary termination. After reviewing the regulations, KOVO decided to open a reward and punishment penalty for two days. Cho Song-hwa’s lawyer argued, “The date of the reward and punishment penalty and the deadline to submit explanatory materials notified by the Federation are only two days from the date of notification, so it is judged that it is too urgent for the athlete to be guaranteed an appropriate and sufficient opportunity to state his/her opinion and explain.” The reward and punishment committee, which had a quick schedule due to the great controversy, accepted the request in consideration of guaranteeing Songhwa’s defense rights.

In the reward and punishment committee, it is expected that the issue will be who is held responsible for the situation. Article 23 of the ‘volleyball professional sports player contract’ requires that the entire remaining annual salary be paid to the player if the contract is terminated for reasons attributable to the club. Conversely, if the contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to the player, the number of days from the day following the final salary payment date to the contract termination date multiplied by 1/365 of the player’s annual salary must be paid. If KOVO imposes severe disciplinary action on Song-Hwa Jo and acknowledges the cause attributable, the club will be able to reduce damage and break up with Song-Hwa Jo.

On the other hand, there is a view that it is not easy in reality to make decisions such as suspension of qualifications or expulsion because the painting did not cause social problems such as crime. If there is no disciplinary action or the level is weak, there is a possibility that Jo Song-hwa may lead to a legal battle by claiming damages from the club based on the award and punishment decision.

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