Song Hye-kyo, a beautiful goddess ‘looks in the eye’

[송혜교 인스타그램]

[헤럴드경제=이명수 기자] Actress Song Hye-kyo drew attention by revealing the appearance of a beautiful goddess.

Song Hye-kyo posted several photos on her SNS on the 9th.

In the published photo, a jewelry brand pictorial cut was included. Song Hye-kyo, who is sitting on a chair while wearing her slip dress and her crown, is looking at her camera with a chic expression.

Although the dress is somewhat revealing enough to show the breastbone, it did not hide the elegance of Song Hye-kyo.

Model Shin Hyun-ji left a comment on Song Hye-kyo’s pictorial cut, “Did you call the Queen?”

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo is shooting Kim Eun-sook’s new work, ‘The Glory’. ‘The Glory’ is a revenge drama that takes place when the protagonist, who dropped out of high school due to brutal school violence, takes over as the child’s homeroom teacher.

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