‘Song Ji-ah Controversy’ Kang Ye-won’s side “Actual age of 79, one year older than my profile”

↑ Kang Ye-won. Photo|Star Today DB

After the controversy over YouTuber Song Ji-a (Freesia), it was revealed that Kang Ye-won, the representative of the agency and actress Kang Ye-won, was born in 1979, one year older than her profile.
An official from Kang Ye-won’s agency, J-Wide Company, told Maeil Business Star Today on the 27th, “Kang Ye-won’s profile says that she was born in 1980, but she was actually born in 1979.”
An official from the agency explained, “The part that was known to be born in 1980 has been passed down from the previous agency when I first started promoting.
Previously, it was known that Kang Ye-won was born on March 15, 1980, but the real date of birth was March 15, 1979, which drew attention.
Kang Ye-won stood at the center of the issue due to the recent controversy over influencer Song Ji-ah. This is because Kang Ye-won was running the management business as the co-representative of Hyowon CNC, Song Ji-ah’s agency. As Song Ji-ah, who rose to global stardom with Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’, was caught up in a number of controversies, including a fake product controversy, sparks were sparked even to Kang Ye-won.
While Kang Ye-won is firmly shut up in relation to Song Ji-ah’s controversy, a J-Wide Company official added, “(The Song Ji-ah controversy) is Kang Ye-won’s personal business, so we have nothing to say.”
Meanwhile, Kang Ye-won debuted in the SBS sitcom ‘Honey Honey’ in 2001. Since then, the movies ‘Addiction’, ‘Haeundae’, ‘Harmony’, ‘Hello Ghost’, ‘The Three Musketeers of Joseon’, ‘Come see me’, ‘Watching’, ‘Bad Guys: The Movie’, drama ‘My brother-in-law is ten’ Nine’, ‘Bad Guys’, ‘Baekhee is back’, ‘Man who lives to die’, tvN drama stage ‘Fighter Choi Kang-soon’, ‘Only one person’, etc.
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