Song Ji-hyo rekindles the styling controversy… Coat with ripped hem for awards ceremony

Controversy arose again when actress Song Ji-hyo was caught wearing a coat with a ripped hem at her first public appearance after the controversy over the short cut.

Song Ji-hyo attended the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ held at KBS Sports World in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd.

Song Ji-hyo drew attention as it was her first public appearance after announcing a statement asking fans to improve her styling. On this day, Song Ji-hyo wore a black coat and black long boots.

Here, she showed off a strong look by matching short-cut styling and smokey makeup.

However, the fans are once again expressing their upset when they found that the hem of the long coat that Song Ji-hyo wore on this day was torn. The hem of Song Ji-hyo’s coat had been torn from the time she stood on the red carpet photo wall. The hem of the right hem was torn to a large extent, and it was also captured in the photos of various media outlets. However, it was not corrected even though there was time for Song Ji-hyo to stand on the stage at the awards ceremony, and in the end, Song Ji-hyo was awarded the RET Popularity Award while wearing flawed clothes.

On the 28th of last month, Song Ji-hyo appeared on the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ with a short cut, and fans complained about it by issuing a statement saying, “Change the stylist.” In particular, the online community DC Inside’s ‘Song Ji-hyo Gallery’ said, “Dissatisfaction and problems with Song Ji-hyo’s styling have been constantly discussed for several years. “However, since last year, negative articles about Song Ji-hyo’s styling have been frequently posted on portals and online communities, and Song Ji-hyo is constantly being mentioned as a celebrity who lacks styling.”

He also pointed out, “The styling problem not only gives a negative image to the public, but it also becomes a factor in leaving the fandom and hindering the influx of new fans.”

Fans also said, “Considering the relationship between the staff and the actors, we have refrained from doing joint acts, but we have come to the conclusion that we can no longer ignore the situation where Song Ji-hyo is always mentioned as a ‘celebrity who lacks styling’.” I urge you to replace it with a stylist who has it,” he emphasized. In addition, he also revealed specific requests such as changing the stylist, refraining from clothes that do not fit the concept, changing the styling combination and hair shop, and changing the makeup shop.

Fans expressed strong dissatisfaction with the styling, but once again showed disappointment, fans responded through online communities and social media, such as “Where is the stylist who wears ripped clothes at the awards ceremony?”, “I didn’t even see the red carpet photos properly. They are complaining about it, such as “I wonder why they couldn’t fix it until the awards ceremony”, “I don’t see any will to improve at all”.

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