Song Jiahao only used 8 balls in 9 consecutive games without scoring

Reporter Xiao Baoxiang / Comprehensive Report

▲Marmolejos took a confident step. (Video source: Pacific Alliance TV)

Japanese professional baseball pitcher Song Jiahao boarded the board in Chiba on the evening of the 19th. He only threw 8 balls in 1 inning and scored 9 consecutive boards without scoring, helping Tohoku Rakuten beat Chiba Rhodes 7-2.

Kishi Takayuki dropped 2 points in 6 innings, and Rakuten was 1 point behind when he exited the game. In 7 innings, the Golden Eagle hit the line and broke out. Sasaki Chifuku made 4 walks and dropped points. Jose Marmolejos hit a slam home run, and Rakuten poured in a single inning. 6-point reversal.

The bullpen had an outstanding performance, An Lezhi had no points in 7 innings, Song Jiahao had 8 innings and let the infield fly ball out, Leonys Martín hit a hit, and Sato Toshi also hit the pitcher for a grounder from the outside corner. , Song Jiahao instigated a double-kill defense to end the half-game.

Song Jiahao completed the task with 8 goals in 1 inning, and scored 9 consecutive games without scoring. The defense rate dropped to 0.75, and Lotte broke the 2-game losing streak.

The Yomiuri Giants narrowly defeated the Hiroshima Carp 2-1 at the Tokyo Dome. Tomoyuki Kanno started 8 1/3 innings with 127 balls and was hit with 5 hits and 1 point. The defense rate dropped to 3.02, with 5 strikeouts, walks and With 1 touch ball each, Tomoyuki Kanno (5-3) has won 2 consecutive games.

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