Song Jia’s fake controversy foreign media also praised the report’s gold spoon

Jia Song (active name Freesia) / Photo = Hyowon CNC

Foreign media also reported on the ‘fake controversy’ of Song Ji-ah, who appeared on Netflix’s romantic entertainment ‘Solo Hell’.

On the 18th (local time), foreign media such as the British media Daily Mail reported, “Jia Song, who appeared in ‘Solo Hell’, was caught wearing counterfeit fashion brands and apologized.”

According to the report, “Jia Song, also known as Freesia on YouTube, posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram after viewers found out that the Chanel top she wore on a reality show was a fake product.”

“The public has discovered that some of the other items posted on his social media are also fakes,” he said. The media mentioned that he was also referred to as a ‘gold spoon’, meaning a person born into a wealthy family. ‘ It was praised,” he explained.

Earlier, on the 16th, a YouTube channel raised suspicions about Song Jia’s fake luxury goods, and the controversy has grown wildly. The YouTuber in question raised suspicions that the masterpieces that Song Ji-a has shown on Instagram, YouTube videos, and solo hell are ‘fakes’.

In response, Song Jia posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram on the 17th, acknowledging that “there is a controversy about some of the clothes I wore in Solo Hell” and “the controversy over fake products you pointed out is partly true.” He also apologized once again for all the circumstances that occurred due to the designers’ creative infringement and ignorance of copyright.

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