Song Jong-guk ends 7 years of living in the mountains… No return to the entertainment industry

Song Jong-guk appeared in the trailer for ‘Star Documentary – My Way’. /Photo = TV Chosun broadcast screen capture

While former national soccer player Song Jong-guk signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, attention was also focused on his future, who has been living in the mountains for 7 years after divorce. In response, the agency said, “It is not a return to the entertainment industry.”

On the 28th, DH Entertainment announced, “This exclusive contract is not for Song Jong-guk’s full return to the entertainment industry. Based on his friendship with Lee Cheon-soo and Hyun Young-min at the headquarters, Song Jong-guk has been involved in various activities for youth, the underprivileged and Korea’s soccer development through DH Entertainment. We plan to carry out social contribution activities.”

He continued, “For this purpose, we have signed an exclusive contract, and the head office plans to provide financial and material support so that the good influence of Lee Chun-su and Hyun Young-min, as well as Song Jong-guk, can reach every corner of society.” We ask for your affectionate interest and support.”

Earlier, on TV Chosun’s ‘Star Documentary – My Way’, which was broadcast on the 26th, a trailer containing Song Jong-guk’s appearance was released and attracted attention.

Song Jong-guk married former actor Park Yeon-soo in 2006 and had one daughter and one son, but divorced in 2015. Since then, he has not been active, and it has been a long time since he shared his recent status.

As for why he chose to live in the mountains, Song Jong-guk said, “I was under a lot of stress. I hated meeting people. It was very difficult mentally.” Then, when asked about his ex-wife Park Yeon-soo, he said, “I haven’t contacted him for about a year. It was an unqualified act.”

In July, Song Jong-guk also appeared on MBN’s ‘Field Report Scoop World’ and revealed how he lived by digging for medicinal herbs and farming with his own hands in the mountains of Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. At the time, he confessed, “It has been about 7 years since I came to the mountain. I thought I was strong and I thought I would overcome it well, but it was difficult.”

He also expressed his condolences to his children. Song Jong-guk confessed, “It was worse for the children because I bumped into the children’s mother a lot. Showing them fighting seemed most fatal to them.

Recalling the difficult moment after the divorce, he said, “There seemed to be no end to the attacks of people who didn’t know me. Divorce is a marital thing, so even the closest people don’t know 100% about their relationship.” I didn’t care about the gaze. At the time, I was doing broadcasting and soccer class work. After that, I thought I was strange, so I folded it all up and came in.”

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