Song Min-ho’s title song “Tang” settles at the top of major domestic and foreign music charts.

WINNER’s Song Minho’s 3rd full-length solo album title song ‘TANG!♡ (TANG!♡)’ has successfully landed at the top of the major music charts at home and abroad, successfully targeting the tastes of music fans.

‘TANG!♡ (TANG!♡)’ entered the Top 10 on major domestic music charts, such as Naver Vibe, Bugs, and Genie, right after its release at 6 pm on the 7th. After 5 hours, it soared to second place, the highest level, and is currently aiming for the throne.

The rate of rise in the rankings on the Melon chart is also fast, so attention is paid to the trend of popularity in the future. In addition, a number of songs from the album such as ‘LOVE IN DA CAR’, ‘PYRAMID’, and ‘Right Words’ also succeeded in chart-in, making it possible to reaffirm the potential of ‘Producer and Artist’ Song Min-ho, who participated in writing, composing, and arranging all songs.

The reaction on the global chart for the entire album is even hotter. Song Minho’s 3rd full-length solo album “TO INFINITY.” topped the iTunes album charts in 14 countries that day. There are also favorable reviews that a high-quality album was born that harmonizes artistry and popularity.

In fact, global music fans said, “I believe in and listen to Song Minho”, “The concept of ‘City Cowboy’ and the title song fit so well and are cute”, “All 10 tracks have different styles, but their digestibility is crazy,” and “It’s addictive. I will keep humming,” and “Song Min-ho’s emotions and experimental spirit fit perfectly” and cheered him on.

Song Minho’s title song ‘TANG!♡ (TANG!♡)’ is a song with passionate lyrics that say, ‘I’m willing to pay any price to get love’. In addition to the addictive hook, you can feel the essence of Song Min-ho’s unique rapping and witty punchline, and his first music show stage is also drawing high expectations.


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