Song Yoon-ah and her affair Jeon So-min and her agony… Counter-attack preparation show window for Lee Sung-jae

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Song Yoon-ah and Jeon So-min, an affair woman, were caught in agony.

On the 16th, Channel A’s 10th anniversary special Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ released a still cut depicting the anguish of Han Seon-joo (Song Yoon-ah) and Yoon Mi-ra (Jeon So-min).

In the last broadcast, it was revealed that the culprit who stabbed Yoon Mira at the Remind Wedding was Shin Myung-seop (Lee Seong-jae). Yoon Mi-ra, whose life was her whole life, lost her will to live, and Han Seon-joo suggested to Yoon Mi-ra, “Let’s finish it, Shin Myung-seop.”

The two people who are about to counterattack Shin Myung-seop are immersed in deep thoughts in their respective homes, drawing attention. First, there is a thick darkness on Han Seon-joo’s face as if something serious has happened.

Afterwards, the urgency is also felt in the sight of her holding her cell phone and calling someone. What happened to Han Seon-joo, who started a counterattack against Shin Myung-seop? I am curious about her progress as she fights a difficult battle until the end.

On the other hand, Yoon Mira, who is standing alone in her house, feels a determined will. Yoon Mi-ra finds out that Shin Myung-seop, the man she risked her life for, did not actually love her. Han Seon-joo first reached out to her, who was now truly alone. The curiosity is amplified as to which direction Mi-ra Yoon, who had only interfered with everything Han Seon-joo was doing, was determined this time.

‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ side said, “The intense psychological battle between the characters has entered the final chapter. The unpredictable development will unfold until the end.” “Whether Han Seon-joo and Yoon Mi-ra will really collaborate this time, they are preparing for Shin Myeong-seop. Please look forward to seeing what the counterattack is.”

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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