Song Yoon-a’s ‘crisis’ → Lee Sung-jae’s funeral ending ‘shock development’ (‘Show window’)[종합]

[스포츠조선 조윤선 기자] ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Lee Sung-jae’s funeral is expected to be a shock.

In the 15th episode of Channel A’s 10th anniversary special Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ (played by Bo-kyung Han, Hye-young Park, directed by Kang Sol, Dae-hee Park, produced by Kotop Media Co., Ltd., planned by Channel A), which aired on January 17th, and Yoon Mi-ra (Jeon So-min) ran into a crisis while acting independently to end Shin Myung-seop (Lee Seong-jae). In the midst of this, in the ending, Shin Myung-seop’s funeral was drawn with a twist, stimulating viewers’ curiosity.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research agency, episode 15 of ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ recorded an audience rating of 8.523% (national) based on pay TV households, breaking its own record once again. As a result, ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ has maintained its solo position for the fifth consecutive time, maintaining the top spot for Monday-Tuesday dramas, and also set a new record for Channel A’s own highest viewership ratings.

On this day, Shin Myung-seop pretended to be Han Seon-joo and threatened Kim Gang-im (Moon Hee-kyung) by using this as an excuse to pretend that the true culprit who stabbed Yoon Mira was Han Seon-joo. Kim Gang-im was furious at Shin Myeong-seop’s request for Rahen, but in order to save Rahen, he decided to follow Han Seon-joo’s will of doing what Shin Myeong-seop wants.

Han Seon-joo, who helped him sit on the chair, knowing that Shin Myung-seop stabbed Yoon Mira and that Shin Myeong-seop was the culprit in the case of fake Lachen shoes in China two years ago. It was a decision that no one, including Han Jeong-won (Hwang Chan-seong), could easily comprehend. Even Shin Myung-seop continued to question Han Seon-joo’s sincerity.

Yoon Mira invited Shin Myung-seop to her house to finish everything by herself. However, Shin Myeong-seop knew that Han Seon-joo and Yoon Mi-ra had previously exchanged text messages and knew that the two had planned to end them. Yoon Mira soon noticed that Shin Myung-seop had come to kill her.

As a result, a war between the two of them spread all over. Yoon Mira said that she couldn’t die alone, and threatened to die together in a house full of gas by turning on a lighter, and Shin Myung-seop mocked Yoon Mira, saying, “You were a puppet to satisfy my desires.” The moment Mira Yoon was about to turn on the lighter, Shin Myung-seop stopped it and made the hearts of the viewers chewy.

At the same time, Han Seon-joo went to Han Jeong-won’s house, who had not been contacted, and saw a text message on his phone saying that Shin Myeong-seop was trying to sell Lahense shoes to China, and went out to prevent this. But what awaited Han Seon-joo was an attack from someone. In this way, ahead of the final episode, Han Seon-joo and Yoon Mi-ra, both of them, are in crisis, raising curiosity about the ending.

In particular, in the final ending, the scene of Shin Myung-seop’s funeral is drawn, and the unpredictable development until the end is expected, increasing expectations. How will Han Seon-joo and Yoon Mi-ra overcome this crisis? How will Shin Myung-seop lead to death? Many people’s attention is focused on the last story of ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’.

Meanwhile, the 16th episode of Channel A’s 10th anniversary special project ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 18th. ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’, in which Korea’s representative OTT platform ‘wave’ participated in investment, can be seen on Wave simultaneously with Channel A broadcast.

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