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Song Young-gil “The first buyer’s LTV ease in life… I can’t buy a rent for a lifetime.”

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Interview with the new Democratic Party representative broadcast with Song Young-gil
“The rise in house prices is complemented by other policies”

[이데일리 황현규 기자] In connection with supplementing real estate measures on the 2nd, Song Young-gil, the new representative of the Democratic Party, said on the 2nd that “the mortgage loan ratio (LTV) must be relaxed for real-time users such as newlyweds and young people who buy a house for the first time in their lives.” In an interview on the broadcast that day, Song said, “I will support the 2·4 supply plan, but adjust the real estate policy so that it does not lie in favor of public sentiment.”

Regarding the concern that LTV easing will instigate a rise in house prices, CEO Song said, “We cannot tell young people or newlyweds to live in a rented house or rented room for the rest of their lives just because the house price increases.” Said.

However, CEO Song showed a cautious stance on easing the taxation. He said, “There was an opinion to adjust the amount of tax imposed from 1% to 3.8%, but the tax adjustment should be cautious,” he said. “Rather, there is a plan to increase the deduction limit for one-homeowner by adjusting the ratio of deductions for old age and holdings.” said. At the same time, “I will discuss the issue of tax deferral separately. It is also necessary to adjust the problem of the speed of realization of the announcement.”

Meanwhile, candidate Noh Hyeong-wook of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, who is in charge of the government’s real estate policy, expressed a reserved position on the deregulation of loans. On that day, Candidate Roh said in response to the personnel hearing, “It is necessary to make a comprehensive review of the impact on the housing market, trends in household loans, and the necessity of deregulation,” he said in response to the personnel hearing.

He said, “In order to determine whether to ease the loan regulation, we must also consider the ability of borrowers to repay in the future when the housing market slumps in order to maintain macro-prudentiality and sound loans for individual borrowers.”

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