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‘Songkhla’ crisis, new Covid patients climbed to the 2nd place in the country –

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Songkhla expects 583 more COVID-19 cases, rising to 2nd place in the country, reveals low ATK standards

31 Oct. 21 – Risk Communication Mission Group public health office (Sor. Sor.) Songkhla revealed. The Covid situation in Songkhla province on October 31, found 583 new cases, ranked second in the country and number 1 in the southern region. No deaths were found. The total number of infections is 48,369 people, who have died since April 1, 181, more than 5,650 people have been hospitalized.

It was reported that the screening test found that new infections were still in the same group the most, which was the group of people who were in constant contact with the infected people in 8 districts, including Chana District, Hat Yai, Mueang Singhanakhon, Saba Yoi, Rattaphum, Sadao and Thepha District, followed by the clinic. Screening for acute respiratory infections High-risk groups in markets, factories, shops, companies and in the community group of infected people from Group of people who have been in contact with confirmed cases from other provinces

A report from the Rural Medical Association that the group suspected of being infected with the ATK kit is having problems with the low-quality ATK from the government. causing inaccurate results created a lot of confusion Those who received the examination had to go to a medical facility or a private clinic. They had to pay a high cost of 450-1,300 baht per time. The Medical Club had previously protested. Karma is on the people.

News reports that in the area of ​​the 5 southern border provinces New cases were found on October 31, totaling 1,907, Songkhla 583, Pattani 558, Yala 379, Narathiwat 289, and Satun 96. It has spread in some families and the wider community.

Dr. Suphat said that Songkhla can vaccinate 30,000 doses a day, but Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat provinces can inject about 10,000 doses a day, but at the same time, there is a widespread outbreak. There are still differences in vaccination in the southern border provinces that require understanding and explaining to the people. The medical team must walk into the community only. in order to keep up with the situation in control. Most of which are family infections. Many areas are infected with both houses and communities,” said Dr. Supat.

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