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Songkhla Uam. Covids add 677, collecting 46,642 people, 8 districts are at high risk.

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On October 28, 64, the Public Health Office (Sor. new coronavirus cases Songkhla Province on October 28, an increase of 677 people, no deaths. Total of 46,642 cumulative infections, including prison infections. The cumulative death of 180 people, over 5,500 hospitalized, over 40,400 recovered and returned home.

It was reported that the cause of the increase in the infection was caused by strict inspections in the community. which found that the infection has spread to the family especially among children, spreading the infection widely As a result, the highest number of infected people were found in the area, with more than 400 people in contact with confirmed cases every day, in the areas of Chana Thepha, Rattaphum, Hat Yai, Na Thawi, Mueang Singhanakhon and Saba Yoi districts.

Reported that the second infected person was from the Acute Respiratory Infection Screening Clinic Group. In addition to that, in older clusters such as community proactive search groups. High-risk exposure groups in markets, shops, companies and factories and from a group of travelers from the southern border provinces but in the reduced ratio

Songkran Maichum, Songkhla Provincial Public Health Doctor, revealed that The Ministry of Public Health has distributed vaccines to all provinces according to the vaccine allocation plan of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration. and requiring all provinces to speed up vaccination against COVID-19 in order to build immunity against pathogens prevent infection Reduce the severity of the disease reduce mortality reduce the spread of infection and build immunity among the people

“The first dose of vaccination has been given to almost 900,000 people in Songkhla province, or more than 59% of the target group of 1,487,320 people, in time for the opening of the tourist province in November 2 months.”

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