“Sonic Frontier” music introduction video series 5th

Sega Co, Ltd announced that “Sonic Unknown Frontier”, currently on sale on PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox Series X platforms | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam), released a map of the adventure platform stars. Video of the BGM “Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Islands” from a “fishing ground” somewhere in the Starfall Islands. The video is also includes animations made by Sonic Team for this BGM.

“Sonic Uncharted” BGM ‘Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Island’


A message from Tomoya Otani, sound director of “Sonic Uncharted”

I believe that the fishing ground somewhere in the Starfall Islands on the “Sonic Unknown Frontier” stage is a place for players to relax in the game, so I made a Lofi hiphop style BGM without thinking much. Since it is Lofi hiphop style music, I really wanted to combine this song with Lofi style animation, so I asked Sonic Team designer Yuyu Karasuno to make a video, and finally this relaxing animation was completed. It would be great if you could turn this video on as BGM when you want to relax or work.

Message from Sonic Team designer “Yuri Karasuno”

The track has a very relaxed feel, and when I was thinking about how to create an animation that fit that feel, I had a peaceful image of Piccolo fishing in a gaze.

The main body of the picture is lazy Bic and purple tones, and the creation is completed with a nostalgic and tender brush.

Hope this video can bring you a short healing time.

■Introduction to “Sonic Uncharted Frontier”

In “Sonic Uncharted Frontier”, you can use the unique supersonic action in the Sonic series to gallop freely on the vast island, and experience endless new vertical and horizontal action adventures.

The main storyline stage of this work is the “Starfall Islands”, an unknown island where ancient civilizations sleep. On the island, ruins are full of mysteries and creepy enemies, where Sonic will start a new adventure.

As a next-generation action-level game, this game expands the playability of the world map itself and evolves into a “playable world map”. Through the organs established in all parts of the map, players are not limited by the concept of the track, and can experience the fun of fast action games in a universal way.

In the “playable world map”, many elements such as “battle”, “puzzle solving”, “side quests” and “computer space” are prepared for players. These elements can determine the order of the game according to the player’s play style.

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