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The long-awaited “Sonic: Unknown Frontier” will be launched on November 8, and according to recent news, this work will not be delayed. Sonic: Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto assured Sonic fans on Twitter today that the game is now fully developed and ready for release.

About this game

In “Sonic Uncharted Frontiers”, you can use the supersonic action unique to the Sonic series to gallop freely across the vast island and experience a new endless action adventure.

This work realizes the evolution of the Sonic game from level to level to the free play form in the “open area” of the world map. In the “open area”, there are many elements such as “battle”, “puzzle solving”, “computer space” waiting for players to experience. With the above elements, players can freely choose the order of play according to their own style.

In the process of Sonic’s progress, he will also face the challenges of many enemies. Use the combat skills you’ve learned during your adventure to take down enemies with sonic combos and experience a refreshing battle unique to Sonic. This work also supports the automatic combo function, which can make a variety of combos with one click, even players who are not good at action games can easily experience the joy of fast combat.

Summary of the story

Forgotten island, Starfall Archipelago.

Sonic, Amy and Tars followed the Chaos Emerald response and went to the Starfall Islands. Just as it was about to reach the sky above the island, the Torneder suddenly malfunctioned! Sonic was sucked into the space-time cave that appeared in the sky, and was separated from his companions.

In order to find his companions, Sonic follows the guidance of a mysterious voice from nowhere and embarks on an adventure.

What sleeps on the island? What is the purpose of the mysterious girl who hinders Sonic’s progress?

On a mysterious island, Sonic’s new adventure is about to begin.

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Peripheral self-action area of ​​game


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