“Sontirat” admits herself, approaches “Niphit” for real, hopes to launch the party in January 65

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29 Nov 2021 6:32 PM.

“Sonthirat” received a real talk with “Niphit”, revealing that in the past several groups of politicians were discussed. but still not fit Waiting to evaluate the establishment of the party? Win a chance to launch in January 65, point 2 cards, not always a small party at a disadvantage

On November 29, 1964, Mr. Sontirat Sontijirawong, former energy minister, as a former secretary-general of the Pracharat Party And one of the 4 children mentioned the current news, Mr. Niphit Inthasombat, a former MP for Phatthalung, the Democratic Party. will move the party to join political work with the group of 4 children that it has actually talked to Mr. Niphit If they do politics, there is an opportunity to do politics together. And the truth is not only talking to Mr. Niphit. talk to many groups All are still under discussion.

The reporter asked Will Niphit’s speech before this affect the launch of the 4 children’s group in the future or not? Talking to politicians is normal. When asked if Niphit’s speech made many people understand that the 4 children’s group is about to be launched, Sontirat said it’s still not certain. Being a political party requires more elements. In fact, today’s conversations in many of our groups, if it doesn’t fit as we expected it to be useful, we won’t walk.

When asked if two ballot papers would make it difficult to set up a political party for the Group of Four, Sontirat said it might be true, but he saw that it was more dependent on party composition. Having two ballots is both positive and built-in delete It is up to whether the smaller parties qualify to comply with the two ballot rules or not, the smaller parties may have a chance. It doesn’t always mean disadvantage. Of course, the big party is the one with a reputation that has an advantage because it has a substantial list of MPs.

The reporters reported that Initially, the party was launched in January 2022.

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