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The epidemic has disrupted the situation, and the PS5 is still a long way from a large number of global supplies; a while ago, it was reported that the PS4, which has been discontinued, will return to the market to share the market gap of the PS5 out of stock. Sony clarified the matter through the Japanese media and believed that it was non-existent.

The incident originated from the disclosure of the American media Bloomberg. The media quoted anonymous relevant sources, saying that in order to solve the PS5 shortage dilemma, Sony extended the original “plan” to stop production at the end of 2021. PS4, including an additional shipment of 1 million PS4 and more Solve urgent needs.

According to the observation of Japanese media ITmedia, Bloomberg’s article attracted a number of media in Japan to follow up, and disclosed with the theme of “Sony “has” withdrawn the PS4 discontinuation, resulting in a certain degree of false positives. For this reason, ITmedia asked Sony again and got the following reply.

SIE: The decision to withdraw PS4 production over PS5 out of stock is not true. PS4 has no plans to end production by the end of last year (2021). As one of SIE’s best-selling home game consoles, PS4, like previous hardware, will be sold and produced at the same time during the transition of generations.

SIE PR: It is not true that the PS4 production suspension was withdrawn due to the lack of PS5. There was no plan to end production of PS4 at the end of last year (2021). The PS4 is one of the best-selling console game consoles for SIE, and like the hardware of the past, it produces and sells both old and new hardware in parallel during the transition period of the generation.

PS4 Pro has ended shipping in January 2021 and is currently inOnly PS4 Extreme Black 500GB (CUH-2200, thin machine) remains on sale in Japan, so far there is no further information on the suspension of production and the end of shipments.

By the way, after the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard became public, SonyNikkeiIn the face of a faulty stock price decline, there are only slight fluctuations; whether the official explanation made by the Japanese media this time can give investors a boost remains to be seen.



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