Sony Korea, ‘LSPX-S3’, ‘SRS-XE300’, ‘SRS-XE200’, three types of Sony speakers for mothers and fathers raising children with ‘Willa Audiobook’

From February 8th (Wednesday) to April 30th (Sunday), Sony Korea announced that, along with ‘Willa’, Korea’s No. 3 types of ‘LSPX-S3’, ‘SRS-XE300’, ‘SRS-XE200’. proceed with the valid registration promotion.

In the coming new semester, the promotion ‘Listen to a book with your child with a Sony speaker’, which is being held in conjunction with Willa Audiobook to develop children’s reading habits that can improve their literacy and thinking skills , provides clean sound with organic glass tweeters. and warm lighting that surrounds the space The LSPX-S3, a crystal sound speaker that provides , and the X series Bluetooth speakers SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200, which can be heard clearly from a distance with diffuser technology, are held line. .

In order to improve children’s literacy and thinking skills, as well as creativity and potential for post-reading activities, it is necessary to form a correct reading habit. Children’s regular reading habit comes from ‘family reading time’ that parents and children spend together, such as lunchtime at weekends or before going to bed at night during the week. Sony Korea plans this promotion so that the whole family can listen to Willa’s audiobook vividly presented with the voice of a professional voice actor along with three types of Sony speakers LSPX-S3, SRS-XE300, and SRS- XE200 with clean and clear sound. he did

After purchasing the product during the event period, customers who have completed product registration and free gift request on the Sony Korea customer support website by May 7 (Sunday) can enjoy the latest best-selling audio books, novels Popular audio website, and classes from the best trainers in all areas ‘Willa 3-month Membership Pass’ is presented.

The ‘LSPX-S3’ crystal audio speaker provides coziness by harmonizing high-quality sound through an organic glass tweeter designed with Sony’s exclusive technology and warm lighting that surrounds the space. The three drive shafts attached to the edges of the organic glass vibrate the entire tweeter to reproduce vivid and clear high notes, as well as providing non-directional sound that fills the entire reading space.

The LSPX-S3 adds a 46mm woofer and passive radiator to deliver a solid midrange and clear bass, and the Bass Boost mode set via the Sony app | Music Center makes it denser and deeper. You can experience the sound of the bass. In addition, it has LDAC™ technology, an audio coding technology, which enables high quality audio transmission.

You can choose one of four lighting modes via the touch sensor on the body, and you can adjust the brightness in detail up to 32 levels. It supports the candle light effect which gives the feeling of lighting a real candle and gently wraps the room, and through the music synchronization mode, it is possible to create an emotional atmosphere as if the lights shimmer to the music. In addition, it supports a ‘sleep timer’ function that automatically turns off music and lights according to the specified time, helping you get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable atmosphere with audio books.

The X series Bluetooth speakers ‘SRS-XE300’ and ‘SRS-XE200’, which deliver powerful sound like a concert hall speaker, are equipped with Sony’s unique ‘line diffuser technology’. This allows small sounds to spread more evenly and louder sounds without distortion or loss, allowing users to enjoy clear and powerful sound whether they are in front of or to the side of the speaker.

The X series Bluetooth speakers SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 deliver powerful sound despite their light weight and compact size. The non-circular design with Sony’s own X-Balanced speaker unit maximizes the area to maximize sound output and minimize distortion, delivering clear and wide sound that spreads powerfully in all directions, no matter where you can experience In addition, dual passive radiators at the top and bottom of the product reduce noise and resonance, providing deep and powerful bass without deterioration in sound quality.

The X series Bluetooth speakers feature powerful sound in a minimalistic size, and the SRS-XE300 weighs 1.3kg and the SRS-XE200 weighs 0.8kg for convenient portability. The SRS-XE300 is 49mm wide and 71mm long per unit, and the SRS-XE200 has two full-range speakers that measure 42mm wide and 51mm high, providing rich sound. In particular, it’ r SRS-XE200 provides a hand strap for easier portability. It can be freely placed and used in horizontal and vertical directions, and if you use the line diffuser sound vertically, you can experience powerful and flat sound, and if you place it flat and using stereo sound, you can experience immersive sound. .

For more detailed information on the valid registration promotion ‘Listen to books with your child through Sony speakers’ by Sony Korea and Willa, you can check it on the Sony Store online homepage.

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