Sony starts shooting live-action film made with game development tool Dream – PCM

I believe everyone is familiar with the computer animation technology of Hollywood. The computer animation, also seen on the PS4, also has a very good performance. What if you use the development tools of games to shoot live-action movies?

According to the US entertainment news website Deadline, Sony Pictures Classics, a division of Sony that specializes in distributing literary films and independent producers, will use the PlayStation game development tool Dream to produce the movie “A Winter’s Journey”. The film is adapted from Austrian composer Franz Schubert’s famous vocal suite “Winterreise” (Winter Journey), which tells the story of what the lovelorn protagonist sees and feels when he travels in winter.This time the film will combine live action, CG and hand-drawn animation, and will be starring John Malkovich and Jason Essek. Jason Isaacs is on the show and is expected to start filming in Wrocław, Poland later this year.

As for the game development tool Dream used in the movie, it was originally developed by Media Molecule Studio, whose works include the PS game “LittleBigPlanet”, which was later acquired by Sony and became a game studio under PlayStaton. The industry agrees that Dreams tools are very suitable for art, film and game creation, and it is expected that the new work “A Winter’s Journey” will bring game development tools to another level.



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