Sony Thai launches 2 new wireless neckband speakers SRS-NB10 and SRS-NS7

Sony Thai Co., Ltd. Launched 2 new products in the line of wireless neckband speakers, which are: SRS-NB10 and SRS-NS7 Meet a variety of applications, including listening to music, making phone calls, as well as working from home. and online meetings clearly give freedom and flexibility Both models are packed with Sony’s outstanding sound technology and are also cheap.Designed to be flexible, comfortable and ergonomic to fit your neck while wearing. can be worn on the shoulder and can walk around comfortably throughout the day, includingIt also helps to connect to two devices at the same time with the feature. Multipoint Connection moreover Sony also provides transmitter equipment. WLA-NS7 that can be connected to the SRS-NS7 model to work with the BRAVIA XR Series TV to get a 360 Spatial Sound experience, enhancing the experience of watching your favorite shows more fully

New products in the wireless neckband speaker family include:


SRS-NB10 It is the latest wireless speaker from Sony. that are designed to hang on the user’s shoulder To provide a conference call experience, listen to music, and be able to walk around fluently throughout the day. Deliver crisp, clear sound with full-range speakers in the headphones that are angled upwards for an efficient, high-quality personal sound experience. Passive Radiator embedded in the back will increase the bass Make the sound out of balance. Clear, even in low-noise areas and not disturbing the people around

Pic Sony-SRS-NB10 01

with precise sound control technology such as Precise Voice Pickup address in SRS-NB10 Combined with 2 beamforming microphones, it will provide clear sound quality during use. including advanced audio processing That will help detect the user’s speech very well, even with background noise. It also helps to reduce reflection. and echo effectively Ready to provide clear sound quality while working efficiently

Pic Sony-SRS-NB10 05

moreover The microphone can also be easily controlled during meetings by clicking the mic mute button. Easily control the sound Just tap the volume button located on the side of the SRS-NB10 to get the right sound level for you can also play You can also pause and pause music playback by directly tapping a button on the top of the neckband speaker.

Pic Sony-SRS-NB10 02

in addition SRS-NB10 There is also a feature Multipoint Connection that helps to effectively connect to two devices at the same time Voice calls can be answered with a single click of the play/call button on the left side of the device. and at the end of the call The system will also return to your favorite playlist without needing to reconnect. including technology Bluetooth® So you can connect to your TV, smartphone or music player. To enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

Pic Sony-SRS-NB10 06

while SRS-NB10 It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with a snug fit around the neck. making it able to fit onto the shoulder The open design of the earbuds allows listening to phone calls. By still hearing the surrounding sound very well. It also comes with waterproof standards in the level. IPX4 Including a battery that can be used for up to 20 hours, can be recharged as well. USB Type-C® for a quick and easy connection It can be charged quickly in just 10 minutes, but can be used for up to 1 hour. The design is also environmentally conscious by using materials that are less than 10% plastic, reflecting Sony’s commitment to developing products that minimize the impact on the environment.


SRS-NS7 It is a premium wireless neckband speaker that is compatible with wireless transmitters. WLA-NS7 to enhance the enjoyment of entertainment Get the most out of your personal cinematic sound experience. The SRS-NS7 is the world’s first wireless neckband speaker. that comes with sound technology Dolby Atmos® when working with the TV in the model BRAVIA XR® of Sony will be able to present a sound atmosphere like 360 Spatial Sound that is unique to Sony to deliver a truly immersive cinematic experience including can choose to adjust the appropriate level through the application 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer

Pic SRS-NS7 01

in addition SRS-NS7 can work with TV BRAVIA XR® and the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter with a Bluetooth® connection while the application 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer It serves to take pictures of the user’s ears. and analyze unique hearing characteristics to create the perfect arrangement of Dolby Atmos® as if there were speakers all around It also provides a true-to-life sound experience. 360 Reality Audio Create an immersive experience as if listening to your favorite music with lulling music all around. Compatible with Deezer, and TIDAL for a more complete listening experience.

Pic SRS-NS7 05

with the best sound technology available by Sony SRS-NS7 giving you clear sound and powerful, powerful sound For the ultimate personal movie experience Thanks to the speaker set X-Balanced that increases the sound pressure and reduce distortion for music and clear vocals Moreover, the appearance of the speakers that are angled upwards It also delivers clear sound without interference. Passive Radiator The built-in speakers also increase the low-frequency response. to deliver clearer bass as well while the included wireless transmitter reduces audio delay. when connecting SRS-NS7 With the BRAVIA XR® TV, you can immerse yourself in movies through audio technologies like Dolby Atmos® fully with sound and picture that match perfectly

Pic SRS-NS7 02

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meanwhile SRS-NS7 It also supports hands-free phone calls. And support working from home is excellent. With the built-in microphone position of the wireless neckband speaker. able to provide quality sound while X-Balanced Speaker Unit It will reduce the echo so that the destination can be heard clearly. It also comes with features Multipoint Connection That will allow you to connect to two devices at the same time efficiently. You can take voice calls while listening to music with a single click of the play/call button on the left side of the wireless neckband speaker. At the end of the call, the system will return to your favorite music playlist without needing to reconnect.

Pic SRS-NS7 03

for SRS-NS7 It is designed to be ergonomically flexible to fit your neck while wearing. Perfect for watching your favorite movies or TV shows for hours in comfort. Plus battery life lets you enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous use and 5 hours at maximum volume. Can be recharged too USB Type-C® for a quick and easy connection It can be charged quickly in 10 minutes, giving up to 60 minutes of use. It also comes with waterproof standards in the level. IPX4 While the headphone style is open-ear, it also allows you to listen to calls. but still being aware of what is happening around him very well What’s more, the design takes the environment into consideration. It is made up of less than 5% plastic, a reflection of Sony’s commitment to the environment in helping to reduce the environmental impact of its products.


It is a transceiver for headphones that will give you a personalized audio experience. 360 Spatial Sound Sony and Dolby Atmos® on TV BRAVIA XR® In addition to being compatible with the SRS-NS7, it is also compatible with various Sony headphones such as WH-1000XM3, WF-1000XM3, WI-1000XM2, WH-1000XM4, WF-1000XM4, WH-XB900N, WH- XB700, WH-H910N, WH-H810, WF-C500, WH-XB910N, etc. when connected to a wireless transceiver. WLA-NS7 will be able to experience realistic sound as if having a personal cinema

Pic WLA-NS7 01

Release date and price

  • The SRS-NB10 is available in white and black, priced at 4,990 baht. Ready to be released from the beginning of February. this era onwards
  • SRS-NS7 Selling prices will be announced soon, available at the end of February this year at all Sony showrooms and Sony Store online.
  • WLA-NS7 is sold at a price of 2,490 baht. It is a wireless transceiver to enhance your personal entertainment with 360 Spatial Sound and Dolby Atmos® compatible with the SRS-NS7 and many other wireless headphones. Connect with BRAVIA XR Series TVs, available from the end of February this year onwards.

Interested parties can ask for more product information at the Sony Information Center at Tel. 0-2715-6100 or visit And test the product’s performance at all Sony Store showrooms, Sony Center stores and selected leading dealers.

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