Sony will play PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 games

The Playstation 5 is almost here – Sony put its first Playstation console in a Wired interview on Tuesday.

As you would expect, the console is said to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4. And Sony says it won't come this year – after four years of research and development, Sony has at least another year before it is ready. next send a Playing Station. Otherwise, a rare tone is still present.

But one huge question answered that more than 90 million Playstation 4 owners will appreciate: Yes, the PlayStation 5 will run Playstation 4 games.

"Spider-Man Marvel" on PlayStation 4 is one of many great PS4 games.
Sony / Marvel

That's because, according to Peter Rubin of Wired, the PlayStation 5 "is partially based on PS4 architecture."

PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox are both built on “x86” system architecture – a generic way to build computers making it easier for software to operate on successive devices.

In short: Sony's PlayStation 4 route has made it easier to enable the PlayStation 5 to run PS4 games.

And that is a great advantage for the 90% Playstation 4 owners out there who have PS4 games of them. Whether this relates to games based solely on disks the main remaining question is: Will all your Plastic library move on to the next Sony PlayStation?

It's still seen – we asked Sony and we're not talking back yet – but a very positive step in the right direction is a backward declaration of compatibility.

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