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“Sonya-Khem” slapped the middle of the road to snatch “Willie” in “love in vengeance”

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“Sonya-Khem” slapped the middle of the road to snatch “Willie” in “Love in vengeance”

Is a drama that maintains fun, complete, and hidden taste But still delicious! The same for CLUB FRIDAY THE SERIES 12 “Uncharted Love, Hidden Love”, the episode of love in a vengeance, produced by Chang, 2018, after the breakup of the marriage of his own bad husband, played by Pim – Sonya Ku Laling thought he was kicking a mistress like mortar (Khee-Rujira to help you), but the game flipped over when meeting her own husband, Mek (Willie Macintosh), with cement stacking plans to pretend to break up

The story becomes more and more intense when Nan (Pim Sonya) learns that he is actually wearing him, he was hit by a cloud (Willie), her husband pretends to break up with a mortar (Needle-Rujira), but really And both of them just gave up. In order not to sue the cement for dishonor only When he learned the truth, he invaded Pune to reach his home with utmost anger.

In this scene, we took a group to shoot at a luxury village. It was a very cool scene! More than papaya salad with crab, fermented fish and chilli Because in the story, it is the scene where Nan (Pim – Sonya) drove and waited for a cement mortar (Needle – Rujira). And angry when the car from the car Nun plunged into the needle immediately, which in this scene in order not to make a mistake. Great director Nui-Suthesit Dech Inthanarak Therefore would like to rehearse the rhythm of the nails of both girls to lock down Knowing the way together, the director ordered the slate, and Sonia and the two needles slapped each other in the middle of the street, calling the scene extremely intense.

Pim-Soi Ya revealed this scene that “In the matter, we have to be jealous of our badass husband Willie because of the love he has for him. But because of the anger that it takes over, this work has to be hit. Pim that this scene is another famous scene and a highlight that the audience should not miss. Because both Pim and the needle themselves show “

The girl’s side “Khem-Rujira” said that “This scene is really fun. I practiced several times because when I performed the spike scenes I almost missed it as well. On the other hand, it was a slap scene called extraordinary, the world must remember because he slapped down the street in the village of Nuea Phim. Aura and goodness The worst is out. I want everyone to follow this scene. It is a scene that cannot be missed. ”

This scene will be delicious! How much, then come and follow in “Club Friday The Series 12” Uncharted Love Hidden Love “Ep.3 and every Saturday at 8:15 p.m. on GMM25 channel, tell me if you miss it and you will regret it!


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