Sorayuth posted the news of Chatchart, found a rude comment, softly hit “Scream, scream”

Sorayut found a rude comment under the navel, softly hit “Scream, scream”, crushing it again, it might be a new campaign for the opposition! very low

after facebook page Sorayuth Suthatsanachinda, news reporter has been reported “Chatchat urged each district to solve the messy communication lines. Cut off any unused dead wires. starting from 20 km per area, making them connected”

which the news content states Bangkok Governor Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan Answering media questions in case of operations with power lines or communication lines, stating that the preliminary can begin. First of all, cut off any unused dead wires. which is not difficult to do can do by coordinating with NBTC and related agencies Most of the clutter is seen as dead, unused. cut it off and the rest gathered up It makes it look clean and tidy. As for the removal of power cables or communication cables on the ground, which takes time, then we will talk about it one more time. You don’t have to do it all at the same time. by allowing each district to select the important point of the district first, possibly 20 kilometers per zone, and then connect to the adjacent districts continuously Enough to do small things first. will know how to coordinate It can be taken to extend the results in the whole of Bangkok, which within 1 month should know that each district will do where and how.

Then people commented under the news photo. with images that use fonts and green colors similar to logos work work work of Governor Chatchart, but wrote the word “Help Kom” and “screams”

Sorayut replied that “Sure, yes, scream, scream.”

Subsequently, Sorayut captured the image of the comment to post. Along with specifying a stinging message that “Maybe it’s a new campaign for the resistance! So low…”

At this event, netizens came to criticize each other with fierce fun, such as

“Aunt, can you speak, young man?”
“You don’t have to mix up your words.”
“So low, so worthless. Is life negative?”
“I know it stabs my heart.”
“To suddenly hate someone There should be a reason to hate, not hate because he’s on the other side of the pose wanting to put him down. It should find information that the people themselves shea. have a better performance work more I have more brains, but I can’t find them so use the method Silly insults and discredits as they like to do.”
“He must have been obsessed and had these words in his head.”
“My heart was broken, I struggled, but before I closed my eyes At this point, I’m politically alert, haha.”


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