“Sorn” Thai Inter girl got a new house Prepare to release a world-class solo early next year.

Later ongirl idolThai people “Sorn Cholonasorn Satchakul” one of the members CLC has officially announced her departure from the group and ended her contract with Cube Entertainment. Went on November 16, 2021 ago.

which he created himself and used his personal media space In announcing that the contract with Cube Entertainment has ended From the decision of both parties and thanks to everyone who has supported them over the years. I myself learned a lot from all the experiences. We apologize for any errors in the past and will continue to use every story that everyone recommends to learn and develop.

Most recently, on December 2, 2021, the news came out and announced through Twitter and IG that She is signed with WILD Entertainment. as a solo artist and also told the fans Looking forward to her music in early 2022, the label also announced a contract with “Sorn” to let fans know that she will release a song early next year.



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