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‘Sorry about sexual assault threats’ J-Sera “If you’re confident, please take legal action”

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picture explanationJessera. Photo ㅣ J Sera SNS

Singer J-Sera (Seo Joo-Ha), who was accused of sexual assault threats, repeatedly expressed her intention to take legal action.

On the 31st, J-Sera posted on her Instagram, “You uploaded the recording with detailed explanations.. You uploaded the edited recording: “I know the reason for editing the recording very well, but there is no need for a lengthy explanation. It is a situation in which the original of the recording file was sent as evidence for this.”

He said, “If you are brave, please follow the legal process as previously mentioned. Because I am also in the process, it will be clearly hidden.”

He continued, “I’ve been sparing a single word since the handling of the case is an important matter, so I’ve already become uncomfortable. I’m going to stop writing about explanations. The handling of what happened is in progress, so if there is an opportunity later, I will post the final result again.”

Earlier, on the 28th, an article titled ‘I am being threatened by famous singer J’ was posted on the online community, foretelling controversy.

According to the article, Mr. A, who became close while working with J, later received a confession while having physical contact with J at J’s house, refused it, and then abruptly claimed that J was ‘sexually assaulted’ and threatened and harassed him. .

As proof of this, Mr. A revealed a part of a KakaoTalk conversation message he shared with J. In the conversation, J conveyed his friendliness to Mr. A and gave him his house password, etc.

After that, Mr. A added, “I am tired of J’s ‘gaslighting’ for several months.

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