Sorry for announcing retirement, only to ask everyone: Sania | Sports News

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has reconsidered whether it was too late to announce her retirement. Sania Mirza has announced that she regrets announcing her retirement from tennis this season. Although his decision to retire was a wise one, he regretted announcing it in advance. Sania pointed out that everyone has to ask only about retiring after that. Sania’s retirement announcement comes after she lost in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open mixed doubles.

‘The fact is that I don’t always think about it (about retiring). In fact, that announcement seems to have been delayed a bit. I’m sorry about that now. Because that’s all the viewers have to ask me now ‘- Sania explained.

Responding to a question on whether her outlook on tennis and tournaments has changed since this was the last season of her career, Sania expressed frustration at the constant questions about retirement.

‘I play tennis with the sole aim of winning. My goal is to win every game as long as I stay on the field. I do not always think of retiring, ”said Sania.

‘I still enjoy playing tennis. Enjoyed it before. Success or failure, I still have the same vision so far. Trying to give my 100 percent on the field. Sometimes it succeeds. Others sometimes go unsuccessful. My thoughts are still on the remaining matches of this season. But that is not what will happen at the end of this season ‘- Sania explained.

Earlier in the day, Sania and Rajeev Ram lost to Australia’s Foulis-Kubler (4-6, 6-7) in the mixed doubles quarterfinals. Yesterday’s Sania’s last match at the Australian Open came as she announced her retirement from tennis at the end of this season. In the women’s doubles, Sania and her team were eliminated in the first round.

Sania, who has won six doubles Grand Slam titles in her career, has won the Australian Open twice. She won the mixed doubles title with India’s Mahesh Bhupathi in 2009 and won the 2016 Australian Open women’s doubles title with Martina Hingis of Switzerland. Sania has three more Grand Slam tournaments left this year to end her tennis career with a Grand Slam title.



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