Sorry people! ‘Crazy Police Inspector’ shot in Sai Mai, arrests Sub-Pol. Lt. Col. seriously injured

cause crazy police inspector Shooting Sai Mai The police chief apologizes to peopleAffected – ready to fulfill compensation, revealedInspector Kan“Through training to Subdue the Destruction Pyree possessing expertise in several areas Before transferring to the Special Branch, he passed a schizophrenic test. Let’s check the information first. State the preparations for considering leaving government service first while referringseriously injured He was shot in the left chest and left thigh.

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At 11:40 am on 15 March Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, police chief Revealed while taking control of the situation, Inspector Kan caused a shooting that had been following up since yesterday (March 14), he had to admit that This police officer is not normal, but not is considered a criminal because he has no hostages. Police work must be done under caution so as not to cause the loss of both sides of the police lieutenant colonel. with manic symptoms and police officers acting

“I apologize to the people who were directly affected. In this regard, the police officers who were in a strategic point that was advantageous and knowledgeable because they were trained to defeat Phairi Phinas. making him proficient in many areas From the discussions, it seemed they knew about it, but they didn’t know about it, asking people to give the police time, wanting to understand that it was possible, that they didn’t want any losses, but that they would speed up the process. However, the medical team who assessed the symptoms were quite disturbed and thought the culprit had to be injected. Conversations about God, personal beliefs about drugs have not been reported, but psychiatric manifestations are unusual.”

Pol Gen said. Damrongsak if people’s houses are in trouble or lost, the police will make compensation. I say again that if necessary, it will be done as soon as possible. As for this police lieutenant colonel, before working at the Education Headquarters, he showed no symptoms. And before moving to the Special Branch of the Police Headquarters, having passed schizophrenia and past tests, who will have to check how the report the said report Retired from government service first because such characteristics are not suitable on for continuing to serve in government service.

The reporter added that Wedi Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, commander in chief of the Royal Thai Police, returns to the operation to detain Police Lieutenant Colonel Kitikan. Immediately, starting operations at 12.15, when Arintharat’s suit entered the second floor of the house through the window, then dozens of shots were found to have been fired between the police and the criminals. With about 5 minutes of fire resistance.

Later, at 12:20 pm, the sound of gunfire subsided, and then a police officer walked out and asked the media who were following the situation to clear the way for an ambulance to run. And the rescuers took the ambulance to move back in front of the offender’s house and drove away immediately. The injured person in the ambulance was said to be the perpetrator. Lt. Col. Kittikarn delivered to Bhumibol Hospital

Later, around 12.30 pm, the Pol Gen confirmed. Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, before returning that The injured person was taken to hospital.

While the Pol.Lt. Gen. Samran Nuanma, Assistant Chief of Police said that the person who took the ambulance was the culprit and that no police officers were injured in this incident.

Later, at 12:55 pm, forensic police officers entered the crime scene after the operational police had cleared the area.

News reports indicate that Lt. Col. Kittikarn injured He was hit by a bullet in the crook of his left arm, his left chest, his upper left thigh. Serious condition Under the help of the medical team.