‘Sorry Song 2’ ending, Noh Joo-hyun possessing Park Seo-kyung, Transcendental Imagination Season 3 preview (comprehensive)

Screen capture of TV Chosun ‘Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composer 2’ broadcast © News1

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter A-young Lee = ‘Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composer 2’ has come to an end and a season 3 trailer has been released.

In the TV Chosun weekend drama ‘Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composition 2’ (played by Phoebe (Lim Seong-han)/directed by Yoo Jung-jun, Lee Seung-hoon/hereinafter referred to as ‘Sorry Song 2’), which was broadcast on the 8th, an unbelievable development unfolded in the final scene.

Seo Dong-ma (Bu-bae) visited Nam Ga-bin (Lim Hye-young). Nam Ga-bin denied Seo Dong-ma’s interest, saying, “I’m in order. I’m about to get married.” Then Seo Dong-ma took Nam Ga-bin and went out blindly. Hae-Ryun Park (No-Min Jeon) called Nam Ga-Bin, but did not answer. Seo Dong-ma went to the department store and bought clothes, bags, and shoes, and put them on Nam Ga-bin. Seo Dong-ma asked Nam Ga-bin to drink wine at the park. And I said we’d get married. Gabin Nam said, “It’s not love for the opposite sex, it’s sympathy.” Seo Dong-ma said, “Pity is not polite to people. I want to be with you, everything.” “I love you.” Then he said, “I can look away. But it doesn’t break the family.” To Hae-Ryun Park who came that night, Ga-Bin Nam said, “I like the teacher. But I don’t think it’s even love.” Park Hae-ryun remembered Lee Si-eun.

Sapi-young (Park Joo-mi) called Shin Yu-shin (Lee Tae-gon) late at night saying that her computer was broken. The two went out and had a drink. Shin Yu-shin asked to call at any time. And he presented a bracelet to Sapiyoung. Shin Yu-shin said, “I don’t change my mind. It may sound like an excuse, but I was walking straight and stumbled once because I got drunk.” At this time, Ami (Song Ji-in) appeared. Sapiyoung had called ARMY. Shin Yu-shin’s expression hardened.

Gabin Nam didn’t take a bath late at night, but suddenly drove the car and headed somewhere. The place he headed was the house of Si-eun Lee (played by Jeon Soo-kyung). Nam Ga-bin told Lee Si-eun that he was worried that Park Hae-ryun was wrong. Nam Ga-bin, who came in wearing a shower gown without even wearing proper clothes, said, “My mom and dad died because of me,” and asked Si-eun Lee for forgiveness. Lee Si-eun was worried about Nam Ga-bin. Nam Ga-bin cried saying that her parents wanted to see her. Si-eun Lee hugged and comforted Nam Ga-bin, took her home and gave her clothes. Nam Ga-bin continued to cry for forgiveness, saying that he had made a mistake.

Pan Pan-hyeon (Sung Hoon) asked Song Won (Lee Min-young) to have a simple wedding in the hospital room after giving birth. However, when the screen changed, the figure of Pan Pan-hyeon, who was getting married to ARMY, appeared. Then, Song-won took Seo-ban (Moon Seong-ho)’s hand and got out of the car. Seo Dong-ma entered the wedding hall with Sapi-young. And in the body of Shin Ji-ah (Park Seo-kyung), the soul of Shin Ki-rim (Noh Joo-hyun) was possessed and tried to strangle Kim Dong-mi.

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