Soubhagya Venkitesh with thread stories and pictures

Kerala, First Published Dec 30, 2021, 10:41 PM IST

G.Social media star and dancer Sowbhagya Venkitesh and her husband and actor Arjun are happy that their daughter has joined the cast. The name given to the daughter was Sudarsana. The couple often share each baby’s story on social media.

Now Saubhagya has shared pictures from her daughter’s spinning ceremony. Sudarshan was born on November 29 to Saubhagya. “For the first time, with Suda Amma, Amma likes someone a little more than I do,” Soubhagya wrote in a film. The actress has shared many pictures of this kind of yarn day. Fans took pictures with both hands outstretched.

Saubhagya recently shared the news of a photoshoot with four generations of the family. Saubhagya and her daughter’s great photos with mother Tara Kalyan and grandmother Subbalakshmiamma were released. The actress shared a video on YouTube of herself getting ready for the photoshoot, including taking pictures.

Soubhagya shared all her pregnancy experiences on social media. Saubhagya had posted a video and pictures of herself happily dancing inside the hospital hours before the delivery. Recently, a video of Arjun dancing with a baby went viral on social media. Soubhagya and Arjun Somasekhar were married in February last year.

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