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Sound | Football returns to “club time” Messi and Ronaldo encounter ice and fireFlying into the homes of ordinary people

The smoke cleared from the World Cup in Qatar, and world football quickly returned to “club time” The Premier League, La Liga, and Ligue 1 will all restart next week. Stars from all walks of life have returned to the team one after the other and started training again. As the most concerned players today, the situation of Messi and Ronaldo after the World Cup can be described as “two heavens of ice and fire”.

After winning the Hercules Cup, Messi is still enjoying his holidays, and Paris Saint-Germain did not encourage the Argentinian star to return to the team. While celebrating, Messi did not forget to make early plans for his future. His brokerage team has already started dialogue with Greater Paris to discuss contract renewal, and Mei Tianwang’s former club Barcelona are also planning to promote his return.

As early as before the opening of the World Cup, the chairman of Paris Grand Paris Nasser has repeatedly stated that he hopes to renew the contract with Messi for one season, and he said that he is confident that the Argentine star will sign the new contract. Now that the Argentinian captain has realized his dream of becoming a champion, the rich Ligue 1 giants took the opportunity to launch another offensive wave. After watching the World Cup final, Nasser met with Messi’s father and other relevant personnel, and some contract renewal terms were discussed. According to the French media, it was a relaxed and pleasant exchange Getting closer. There was further news yesterday that Messi and Paris have reached an agreement in principle on the terms of the contract extension. Before the Copa America 2024, the King of Argentina will play in Paris and work hard to help the team reach the Champions League.

Messi and Paris are “happy together”, and the saddest one is none other than Laporta, the chairman of Barcelona. The head of the Red and Blue Corps has been telling the media since before the World Cup that he hopes bring Messi back to Barcelona Kemp is even ready to trigger another financial lever for him. During the World Cup, Laporta also worked hard to stay in touch with Messi’s team, but considering the various actions of the Barcelona chairman when he transferred, the Argentinian king was not interested in returning to Barcelona. Perhaps in businessman Laporta’s plan, relying on the core of Shinco’s World Cup champion team to help the club get higher exposure and income is much more attractive than the plot of “the wanderer returns home”.

Compared to the “in demand” Messi, Ronaldo, who returned from Qatar, has a much sadder life. The European clubs are currently preparing for the game. He has not signed a contract with any team. He can only rely on his status as a “relative home” to temporarily train alone at the Real Madrid training center to maintain his physical condition. In the remainder of 2022, it may be difficult for fans to see the Portuguese in mainstream arenas.

In fact, there is no shortage of “suitors” for Ronaldo The rich and powerful club of Saudi Arabia Riyadh successfully offered a huge contract with an annual salary of up to 200 million euros, including the dual identities of player and publicity ambassador. West Asia alive until 2030. However, the proud Portuguese is still unwilling to leave the European arena, and even wants to continue to shine in the Champions League. After the World Cup, Mendes, his agent has working with him for many years, has sent the resumes of all the players who have progressed to the top 16 of the Champions League. However, given Ronaldo’s age, his performance in the World Cup, and his previous experience of breaking up with Manchester United, it is almost impossible for mainstream European teams that are not short of popularity and stars to give a formal contract to the “president” Even if the method is as clever as Mendez, it can be difficult to restore such a dangerous situation.

After the World Cup finals, Ronaldo has declared that he will not retire from the Portuguese national team. He hopes to participate in the 2024 European Championships and even appear in the 2026 World Cup. Drop your pride and sign for Riyadh Victory. (Xinmin Evening News reporter, Lu Weixin)

Editor: Ni Yanhong