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Sound is extraordinary, create extraordinary | Let the whole people feel the charm of sound Yami Voice’s first 11·20 “I want to love you” brand festival-China Entertainment Network

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On November 20, Yami Voice, an online voice live interactive platform officially announced the launch of the “11·20·Love You’ Brand Festival”, which aims to convey Yami Voice’s commitment to making “a warm voice live broadcast through the creation of the brand festival. “Interactive platform”, with a rich and diverse content ecology and innovative and interesting interactive forms, allows the voices and stories of different users to express here, learn to encourage each other and become a better self. The theme of the brand festival is “Sound is extraordinary. Create extraordinary”. Yami Voice will also inspire extraordinary power by searching for and discovering extraordinary sounds, let the “temperature” be transmitted to the whole people, and warm everyone with sound.

It is worth mentioning that the creation of the “11·20 “Love You” Brand Festival” is the first in the industry. “Love you” undoubtedly demonstrates Yami Voice’s philosophy of “embrace users” and “serving anchors”. At the same time, the official announcement of the brand festival was released, marking the Yami 2021 annual festival in full swing, pushing it to a climax and sweeping the whole people.

  Sound Bufan·Creation Extraordinary Yami Voice’s First 11·20 “I Want to Love You” Brand Festival

In the world of sound, there are sweet, cute, royal sisters, deep, hoarse, and voice accent, but no matter what kind of timbre, whether it is chatting, entertainment interaction, knowledge explanation, etc., it contains extraordinary humanistic power. , To give people courage, healing, encouragement and confidence. It can be said that behind the sound, everyone is not only affectionately telling a unique “heart story”, but also personally feeling the extraordinary charm from other stories. It is pure and precious “temperature” that can connect each other in series.

This is the driving force of Yami Voice since its launch in 2019, tirelessly, through continuous enrichment of its content, interaction and other functional forms: hug you with voice, and be a warm voice live interactive platform. The official announcement launched the 11.20 “Love You” brand festival. Yami Voice provides a platform for the whole people to express themselves and create extraordinary stories with extraordinary voices.

In fact, on the eve of the official announcement and launch of the brand festival, Yami Voice has set off a prelude to the participation of the whole people. On November 15th, Yami Voice officially released the brand theme song “Hug You with Your Voice”, which was sung by the brand-new brand spokesperson Jinsha, and invited 8 high-quality content anchors on the platform to help out, “Proud, fearless and confident, embrace you with your voice, Embracing hope”. Once sung, it attracted rave reviews from users. On the one hand, as one of the “Lang Sisters” of this year’s fire, Jinsha has excellent entertainment strength and national affinity at the same time, which perfectly matches the brand core of Yami Voice. On the other hand, through the launch of theme songs, mainstream music platforms such as NetEase Cloud Music, Kugou Music, and Migu Music have been fully launched, integrating “Temperature” into the songs and achieving tens of thousands of users singing.

A motivated and friendly brand ambassador, a warm, healing and powerful theme song, and the 11.20 “Love You” brand festival full of unlimited humanistic care, Yami Voice, in the 2021 annual ceremony, is making “warmth” in the whole folk transfer.

  Content ecology and interactive innovation Yami voice brings two-way value to the whole people

The industry’s first brand festival inspires more extraordinary voices and creates extraordinary stories. With such courage, where does the confidence of Yami Voice come from?

Looking back at the development history of Yami Voice, from 2019 to the present, in just three years, Yami Voice has broken out one step at a time from the audio giants. Among them, there is a key word that is easy to learn and difficult to do, innovation. Including content ecology and interaction. These two levels are becoming the two-way value of Yami Voice today.

High-quality content makes users sticky, and at the same time it can stimulate more users’ creative potential. Over time, a benign content ecology is formed from this. Providing excellent soil for the creation of high-quality content is Yami Voice’s continuous efforts in the past three years. With the leadership and support of Yami Voice, a large number of high-quality anchors were discovered and explored, and they have become the main force in the production of high-quality content, such as: Tianxin who is excellent in singing and dancing, Asi who is excellent in hosting, and Liangyin, who is a newcomer who loves to laugh after 95 Wait. As another major sector of the content ecology, UGC stimulates more users’ creative power through measures such as traffic support and interactive incentives.

At present, with the joint efforts of the platform and users, Yami’s voice program content has covered music, talk shows, FM radio, audiobooks, etc., and launched “Rapper League”, “I Am a Big Star”, “Cloud Bar” , “The King of Mouth”, “The Strongest Host”, “Constellation CP” and other variety show columns with various styles provide users with rich and colorful content.

As a massive voice live broadcast interactive platform, Yami Voice always insists on bringing a brand new voice live interactive experience to users. Among them, exclusive innovative chat room entertainment interaction, such as: Werewolf Killing Party, the industry’s first realization of the industry’s first large-scale 3D immersive entertainment and leisure interaction method to be embedded in the voice chat party; Sweet and Sweet, innovatively developed a variety of 1V1, 2V2 competitions on the same screen The style of gameplay breaks the conventional single-player game mode and brings users a more interesting interactive experience.

  1 billion traffic “Star-making Project” Yami Voice opens up the channel from “sujin” to “star”

With the official announcement of the 11.20 “Love You” brand festival, the attention and influence of Yami’s 2021 festival has spread from inside the station to outside the station, and this is also the second annual festival held by Yami Voice. Creating an evergreen IP and brand festival is undoubtedly the exposure of Yami Voice’s grand vision of “achieving every ordinary person”.

To this end, Yami Voice has created the “Star Making Plan”. In addition to providing 1 billion traffic support, it also provides special professional guidance and other resource support for outstanding “su More opportunities to show oneself, so as to open up the ascendant channel from “experienced” to “star” and realize greater life dreams. The release of the brand’s theme song, with 8 high-quality anchors helping Jinsha, is an excellent way to get close to the stars and show yourself.

In addition, this year, Yami Voice has become the designated voice live broadcast platform for the 2021 “Voice of China” 10th Anniversary Music Festival. The top five from the Yami team will go straight to the 2021 “Voice of China” national audition finals.

With the official announcement of the 11.20 “I want to love you” brand festival, Yami Voice has once again reached a new level after three years of development and emergence, and will provide more extraordinary voices with a platform to create extraordinary stories. And this also indicates that Yami Voice will have new breakthroughs in product functions, content ecology, interactive forms, as well as the cultivation of “sugar people”, resource support, etc., which will bring greater surprises to users and the industry.


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