South Africa, Calls, Return Of 500 Carat Big Star Diamond, After Queen’s Death

Cape Town: South Africa has asked Britain to return the world’s largest clear diamond, the Great Star of Africa. The demand is for the diamond, also known as Cullinan I. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, South Africa also came forward after various countries demanded the return of the precious diamonds that adorned the British royal crown. CNN Reported.

The Great Star of Africa was carved from a large diamond mined in South Africa in 1905. The Great Star of Africa was handed down to the British Royal Family during the colonial period in Africa.

Local media reported that South African socialite Thanduksolo Sabela suggested Cullinan should return the diamond to the country as soon as possible. “We cannot allow Britain to continue to suffer the consequences of the suffering of its people and those of other countries,” said Sabela.

An online petition has also been started to bring back the superstar. More than 6,000 people have already signed it. Vuyolwetu Tsungula, a member of the South African Parliament, demanded in a tweet that Britain should compensate for all the losses and return the gold and diamonds smuggled by Britain.

The 530.2-carat drop-shaped diamond was attached to the royal family’s scepter alongside a centuries-old cross used in coronation ceremonies. The diamond can be viewed by the public at the Jewel House in a tower block in London. Although the price of this gem is unclear, its rarity and historical significance make this diamond priceless.

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