South Africa “Omicron is a sudden flood… Calm down with no surge in death.”

South Africa, where the COVID-19 mutant Omicron was first spread, announced that the country’s Omicron epidemic has stopped at its peak and is showing signs of calm.

The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 30th local time that the South African government announced that the omicron mutation epidemic passed the peak without causing many deaths and entered a declining section.

Farid Abdullah, director of the AIDS and Tuberculosis Research Center at the Medical Research Council of South Africa, said, “Omicron has reached its peak in four weeks, It decreased sharply in two weeks. It wasn’t a pandemic, it was a flash flood,” he explained.

South Africa’s daily new confirmed cases were only around 2,000 at the end of November, before the existence of Omicron was confirmed, but soared to close to 27,000 by the middle of this month.

However, the number of new confirmed cases has decreased over the past two weeks. Our World in Data, an international statistical site, reported that the average daily number of new confirmed cases for the past week in the past week was about 15,500, which is about half of the 23,400 on the 17th.

South African officials said the increase in deaths during the omicron mutation epidemic in South Africa was not large, and last week it was ‘negligible’.

Experts predict that this pattern will be repeated in other countries besides South Africa.

“Next year, other regions will have a difficult January as the number of confirmed cases continues to increase and then peak,” said Ali Mokdad, a professor at the University of Washington.

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