South African doctor who treats Omicron “Symptoms are mild… No loss of sense of smell or taste

As concerns about the ‘omicron mutation’ grew, observations of patients infected with this mutant showed that the symptoms were very mild.

Dr. Angelique Kuche, a South African doctor who first informed health authorities of the existence of the Omicron mutation, said in an interview with the British press that the symptoms of Omicron were “unusual but mild”.

Dr. Kuche said that as a result of treating about 20 COVID-19 patients who are believed to be infected with Omicron, there were no noticeable symptoms, and most of them were muscle pain or fatigue that lasted for a day or two.

Dr. Kuche said, “At this stage, all of these are just predictions,” and “all cases so far have been at a minor level.”

[사진 출처 : AP=연합뉴스]


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