South African Medical Association, fear of ‘Surge in hospitalization of Omicron children’ evolves

The South African Medical Association (Sama) refuted the opinion that children are more vulnerable to Omicron, a new variant of COVID-19, as not yet grounded, local media IOL reported on the 7th local time.

The association explained that, in response to some reports that the number of young children receiving treatment for Corona 19 is increasing across South Africa, children often come to the hospital for other diseases, but when they test for COVID-19 at that time, it is only a positive result.

“Children accidentally test positive while being admitted to the hospital for other reasons, such as diarrhea,” said Angelique Kutze, president of the Association, as he told The Independent Media.

Kuche also said that it is currently unclear whether omicron mutations spread more rapidly than other delta mutations or cause serious disease.

He said that only when the fourth wave, led by the omicron mutation, peaks, can we know if the rate of spread is faster compared to the delta mutation.

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