South African research team Omicron infection boosts delta immunity… Vaccination reiterated

A study from South Africa (South Africa) showed that infection with the Omicron mutation, a novel coronavirus mutation, can increase immunity to the delta mutation in addition to the Omicron mutation.

However, the study was not peer-reviewed and was evaluated to have low reliability as it was conducted in a small group.

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Reuters reported on the 28th (local time) that scientists at the African Health Research Institute (AHRI) in South Africa found that people infected with the omicron mutation had a lower risk of contracting the delta mutation in a study. He added that the risk of reinfection with the delta mutation was lower, he added, especially among those who had been vaccinated.

The research team led by Director Alex Segal, who led the study, conducted a study of 33 people who were vaccinated and not vaccinated with Omicron mutation in South Africa. said to have appeared. Its ability to block Omicron mutation has increased. He added that, in addition to the Omicron mutation, the neutralizing power against the Delta mutation was also strengthened by 4.4 times.

In particular, he explained that the neutralizing power against the delta-omicron mutation was evident when the vaccinated people were infected with the omicron mutation.

The researchers argued that this could make people infected with the omicron mutation less likely to be re-infected with the delta mutation. In addition, if the omicron mutation has a lower disease-causing ability compared to the delta mutation, as suggested by several current studies, the omicron mutation can replace the delta mutation, which can cause severe symptoms, and reduce the burden of severe infections. .

Director Segal introduced the research results on Twitter on the same day and said, “If the research turns out to be true, the chaos caused by Corona on our lives can be reduced.”

Meanwhile, Siegel said, “There is no doubt that a number of preventive measures, including vaccination and wearing a mask, are necessary,” he said.

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