South covid is better! Accelerate the vaccination of the target group Sneak into the natural channel and find 4 more from Cambodia.

Only the four southern border provinces found 1,471 new infections, 4,399 new infections in 67 provinces, 4,399 new cases, 1,266 new cases found in Bangkok-perimeter areas. 772 deaths, the highest in the Bangkok area 10 cases, while 7,679 new cases found today, divided into 7,672 cases in Thailand, 7 come from abroad Of the 536 prisons/prisoners, 8,428 recovered, 97,585 are still in treatment, 2,205 are critically ill and 483 are in coma requiring ventilator. Chronic disease group accounted for 95% of all deaths, the other 5% had no history of chronic disease.

On November 3, 2021, at the Center for Covid-19 Situation Management (CDC), Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Director of the Office of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development, Department of Disease Control, reported the situation of infected patients. There are 7,679 new cases of COVID-19, of which 7,672 are infected in the country (separate from surveillance and health services, 6,864 from proactive community screening, 272 from prisons). 536 detainees) and 7 came from abroad. There are 4 reports of smuggling in natural channels from Cambodia, totaling 1,935,442 cumulative cases from 63 to present. 2,376 ATK tests were performed, and the number of new cases reached 10,055.

56 more deaths today, bringing the death toll to 19,394, 8,482 more recovered, total of 1,818,463 recovered, 97,585 still in treatment, 41,972 in the Sanam Hospital/HI- 55,613 CI cases, of which 2,205 are critically ill, of which 483 are in critical condition requiring ventilator support.

For details of the 56 deaths, 28 males, 28 females, aged 37-94 years, were in the Bangkok area with the most 7 cases, with 16 deaths in the southern region. The severity of disease and death were mostly elderly people over 60 years old and had congenital disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, kidney disease, obesity, bedridden, which is a congenital disease that is a risk factor for increasing the severity of the disease. in this number Of the 55 local infections, 32 were in high-risk areas, and six were infected by family members and others, 16 friends, colleagues and acquaintances.


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