South-East Power to ensure the safety of power generation facilities in successive typhoons

(Photo courtesy of South-East Power) President Kim Hoe-cheon presides over the situation check

(Jinju = International News) Reporter Gu Jeong-wook = Korea South-East Power announced on the 20th that in order to reduce the damage caused by the successive typhoons, all employees, including the CEO, have every effort to prevent damage to the power of production facilities.

In preparation for the 14th typhoon Nanmadol, which is expected to affect the southern region, CEO Kim Hoe-cheon and other executives visited the Samcheonpo Power Plant and Yeosu Power Plant sites in the southern region from the 18th to’ r 19th to check the current status. typhoon preparedness, carefully checked.

At this meeting, President Kim Hoe-chun inspected the condition of materials for strong winds and facilities vulnerable to damage by wind and flooding such as drainage ditches and receiving channels, and ordered preventive measures to ensure that there is no disruption to electricity production due to typhoons. .

Next, President Kim Hoe-chun held a company-wide emergency response and emergency safety meeting at 7 am on the 19th, when the typhoon is closest to the southern coast, and received a report on the response status of each business office according to the proximity of the typhoon

In particular, on this day, South-East Power held the 11th Carbon Neutral Promotion Committee at its headquarters in Jinju, focusing on the importance of stable operation of power generation facilities following a series of typhoons. In addition, we had time to discuss strategies for expanding and leading the hydrogen business.

An official from Korea South-East Power said, “Even in any catastrophic situation, such as a typhoon, all executives and workers will fully respond to the task of producing stable electricity, and based on this, we will act the carbon neutral task faithfully. .”

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