South Korea also showed strength; It’s an Asian style that makes adults shudder

Doha: The World Cup group stage matches are underway. Most of the teams have already completed their first game. As the first round progressed, it was the Asian teams that stood out. The performance of the Asian teams surprised everyone. The giants who came up high in stars and glory were seen kneeling before the Asian teams. Despite not having the best players, the Asian teams defeated the giants by understanding their opponent’s style of play and preparing a counter strategy. The former champions were unstoppable as the Asian teams flooded the pitch with fast-paced football.

But in the first match of the World Cup, the hosts Qatar disappointed. Qatar was defeated by two one-sided goals against Ecuador. Asian Powers Iran also lost to star-studded England in the Group B match. Despite conceding six goals, the team managed to score twice.

But Saudi Arabia’s performance was a surprise to the entire sports world. Argentina, who entered the World Cup on an unbeaten run, were rocked by Saudi Arabia. Argentina were the first to take the lead with Messi’s penalty goal. But Saudi battled back in the second half. Saudi Arabia thwarted Scalloni’s defense through balls and high balls by setting an accurate offside trap. The Saudi World Cup, which concluded the Messi captain, returned with the team’s brightest victory in its history. It also marked the end of Argentina’s 36-match unbeaten run.

After that, Japan also showed strength. Japan defeated former champions Germany two goals to one. Japan defended Flick’s team, which entered the field with attacking football tactics, by building one after another. And the German fortress was broken down by fielding correct substitutes. Hansi Flick and his team had no choice but to accept the inevitable defeat.

Latin American powerhouse Uruguay has also become an Asian powerhouse. Uruguay, who thought they could start with a win in Group H, were rocked by South Korea. Uruguay’s advances were blocked by South Korea. Uruguay tested the defense several times with several counterattacks. In the end, South Korea held the former champions to a goalless draw.

All the teams that are going to play the second group game are sure to make a proper plan when facing the Asian teams. He needs to play skillfully in midfield and be ready to face counter-attacks. Fans are waiting to see if the Asian teams will continue the upset in the upcoming matches.

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