South Korea launches first ‘driverless bus’ test run I hope people are more comfortable.


South Korea launches first ‘driverless bus’ test run I hope people are more comfortable.

On November 25, Seoul, South Korea has launched the first unmanned public bus trial route As part of a project where engineers are trying to make people more comfortable with autonomous vehicles on the road.

Such public buses have a new look which is different from normal buses. Notable with the curves of the car with large windows. Which makes this futuristic vehicle look more like a toy than a technological development.

However, Jeong Sung-kyun, head of autonomous driving at 42dot, a startup overseeing the technology, told AFP that the design was deliberate and stressed that buses needed more new designs.

Sung Gyun added, This “Lego”-like public transport bus is also made of components. and also use camera and laser technology instead of expensive sensors to reduce cost and ease of reproduction

This is in line with the company’s goal of making this technology cheap, safe, and easy to spread across multiple vehicles. future type for example a delivery truck

Public buses without drivers will now move on passenger routes. A distance of about 3.4 kilometers or about 20 minutes in the downtown area of ​​Seoul. Which people can use the service at 2 pick-up points after registering for a free service through the app

The response from real passengers has been positive. Kim E Hae-ran, 68, said after riding the self-driving bus on Friday that the bus moved smoothly, safely and “not at all”. time machine to the future.

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