South Korea vs Ghana MBC 216… 1 in rating for 9 consecutive days

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MBC continues its march to No. 1 in viewership ratings for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research organization on the 29th, MBC was first in the Qatar 2022 World Cup group stage match ‘Korea vs Ghana’, broadcast on the 28th, recording a viewership rating of 21.6% for households in the metropolitan area. and 20.0% for households across the country.

In addition, the 2049 audience score, which is a major indicator in the advertising industry, also recorded 12.7%, coming in first with the only double-digit score in all viewer rating indicators. This figure is the highest viewer rating for this Qatar World Cup, surpassing the previous record of 19.0% in Uruguay (based on households in the metropolitan area).

Before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group Stage 2 match on the 28th, MBC broadcast a message of support from Hwang Seon-hong, Seol Ki-hyeon, Choi Jin-cheol, and Lee Woon-jae, who played an energetic game. part in the Korean national football team, and coach Park Hang-seo, who played an active role in the 2002 World Cup. He made a deep impression on me.

Along with this, the caster Kim Seong-joo, who was in charge of transmission throughout the game, as well as the commentators Ahn Jung-hwan and Seo Hyeong-wook, sent heartfelt messages of support and encouragement to the players who running in the stadium, as well as comments representing the hearts of the viewers cheering together A consensus arose and proved the reason why he was forced to be the most selected by viewers in this broadcast of the World Cup.

However, South Korea lost 2-3 against Ghana and fell just short of a point.

Commentator Ahn Jung-hwan said, “It’s not over yet. No need to sit down here. It’s a Korean team that showed a game that held up even when losing 2-0.”

In particular, Commissioner Ahn Jung-hwan left the win or loss at the moment the final whistle blew and said, “It was a game we fought very well. There is still one more chance left. He showed a fighting spirit that didn’t give up until the end.”

In particular, commentator Ahn Jung-hwan’s affection for the players shone through today’s game. In the second half, when Hwang In-beom suffered a bleeding head injury from a collision with an opponent, he expressed regret, saying, “I want to bleed instead,” and when Ghana scored, he continued, “It’s okay. can do. You have to show it,” sending a message as if to comfort the players.

As the commentator Ahn Jung-hwan, who has experience of playing games on the World Cup stage, it is said that the coverage of the game between Korea and Ghana was the most sincere than any other game so far.

Meanwhile, MBC cast Kim Sung-joo, Ahn Jung-hwan, and Seo Hyung-wook, commentators, will broadcast the final match of Group A, Netherlands and Qatar, from 10:50pm on the 29th.

Reporter Cha Hye-young, Ten Asia [email protected]

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