South Korea vs Ghana World Cup, who can win Ghana South match analysis

At 21 o’clock on November 28th, Beijing time, in the second round of Group H of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the South Korean team will face the Ghanaian team. So who will win South Korea against Ghana? The following editor shares the analysis of the results of the World Cup match between South Korea and Ghana.

Qatar World Cup 2022 – South Korea vs Ghana who will win

Korean team

Whether Son Heung-min can play is the key

South Korea is undoubtedly the best Asian team in the World Cup. They took part in the World Cup for the first time in 1954 and have not missed a tournament since 1986, the only one in Asia. Even in Europe, very few teams have managed to qualify for the last 10 World Cups.

From a grouping point of view, it is not easy for the Korean team to break through this tournament. The other three opponents are from different continents, have different styles, and are all of good strength. To make matters worse, top player Sun Xingmin was suddenly injured in early November.

In fact, the South Korean team is not weak. The golden boot of the Premier League, Sun Xingmin, the best defender of the month Serie A, Kim Min-jae, and many players who have played in the European League can be called the strongest in recent years. . Sun Xingmin was suddenly injured in the Champions League match and his face was broken in four places. Although he had an operation immediately after the match, he still needs at least 3 weeks to recover from the operation. The Korea Football Association also said that there is no guarantee that Sun Xingmin can catch up to the World Cup. However, Sun Xingmin is reported to have indicated that if necessary, he will wear a custom-made protective mask to participate in the World Cup.

Last season, Sun Xingmin played 35 times in the Premier League, averaged 86 minutes per game, scored 23 goals, completed 7 assists, and finally won the Premier League Golden Boot with 23 goals, becoming the first Asian to win this award in the European players arena.


The lineup is a mystery

The Ghanaian team is the most unknown in Group H. They have progressed to the World Cup finals again after 8 years. It is also for this reason that they are likely to be the spoilers of this group. The Ghanaian team won the Africa Cup of Nations in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982, and became the first African team to win an Olympic men’s football medal in 1992. Midfielder Thomas is excellent in defense and offense, and is the most expensive player in the Ghana team, currently playing for Arsenal. The more famous strikers are the Ayew brothers, whose father is legendary Ghanaian star Abedi Bailey. From a technical and tactical style point of view, the Ghana team is a typical African team, smart but tough. The players’ excellent physical talent and natural ball sense keep them among the strong African teams. Currently, many players in this team are playing in the Bundesliga, La Liga and the Premier League, and their personal abilities are good. So, while the Ghana team may be the team with the worst qualifying situation in this group, the World Cup has never been short of “dark horses”. (Source: Beijing Evening News, reporter Li Li)

Preliminary analysis of the South Korea vs Ghana match

World No. 61 Ghana, bottom of the round of 32, may be the most underdog team in the tournament.

In the first round, the Ghanaian team lost 2:3 to the favorite Portuguese team led by Ronaldo. In this competition with the biggest difference in the world ranks in the group stage of this cup, under the adversity of the Portuguese team taking the lead when scoring a penalty kick, the Ghanaian team scored 2 goals and almost equalized the score in stoppage time . His scoring ability is impressive.

South Korea, who are ranked 28th in the world, drew 0-0 with two-time cup champions Uruguay in their opening game, which is a good result, but South Korea coach Paulo Bento still has some worries, due to his be believed that South Korea is more. dominant party. The overall strength of the South Korean team has clearly improved compared to 4 years ago. As Sun Xingmin, the star of the team and the leading scorer of the Premier League who has just undergone eye surgery, gradually adapts to his “masked man” identity, the fighting effectiveness of “Tai Chi Tiger” will be further enhanced.

For the Ghanaian team, if they lose this campaign, they will be out early. If the South Korean team fails to win, they will be passive in qualifying for the group stage. So, this is another game that neither side can afford to lose.

At present, it is not easy for “Tai Chi Tiger” to pass the Ghana test. However, the slightly sloppy and vulnerable defense of the Ghanaian team may give the “Tai Chi Tigers” a chance to take advantage of it. (Source: China News Network, reporter Wang Zumin)

Editor in charge: Zeng Shaolin

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