South Korean intelligence agencies reveal that “Kim Jong Un” has lost 10-20 kg.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency (NIS) said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un The weight was reduced about 10-20 kg, but the body was still healthy. and did not appear to have any health problems

recently A picture of Mr Kim was seen in North Korean state media in June. After a month of absence from the media, it was noticed that Mr. Kim’s wrists looked smaller. until you have to tighten the watch strap While many criticized the reason why Mr. Kim lost weight.

An NIS official told reporters that “Mr. Kim continues to participate in political activities as usual after losing 10-20 kg. He is still meeting for hours. glide vigorously And it is said that he has no problem doing activities.”

NIS expects that from 2012 to November Last year, Mr Kim was likely to have gained 50 kg and weighed around 140-150 kg, the official said. Mr. Kim is probably trying to lose weight.

North Korea also claimed that No cases of COVID-19 have been found in the country, while NIS has found no movement on reports of COVID-19 vaccinations. of the North Korean leader

The source also said that NIS had found no signs of the spread of COVID-19. It’s a mass in North Korea as well. and it seems North Korea has made every effort to prevent the outbreak.



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